Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities


We’ve got some changes coming up – mainly to do with the layout of our site. We’ll be updating to something a little cleaner and easier on the eyes.

We’re also implementing a proper form that allows you to tell us your story with 100% complete anonymity.

And speaking of telling us – we are now offering a couple rewards.

$25 – For all audio recordings between you and Angela wherein the true pricing of her “services” are mentioned. Confidentiality guaranteed – your voice will be masked.

$1000 – If you’re one of the people Angela ‘published’, and realized you were royally ripped off, well here’s a chance to tell your story. This one will have to be public, sadly. Done through Skype, interview style, no more than 45 minutes.

Email [email protected] if you’d like to participate.

We’ve also added an RSS feed and a ‘subscribe by email’ function – see the sidebar for details!

And now onto Angela’s Oddities

So as part of our complete expose, we’ve begun cursory background checks on Ms. Angela Elizabeth Lauria and her husband Paul Brycock. We’ve barely gotten started and already a few things make us feel ‘something isn’t right here’.

At the bottom of her emails she now lists “The Castle” in McLean, VA.

This address is an 8,406 square foot home retailing for around $9,000,000.

And…. she rents it. Not owns. It’s actual owner is CEDAR MEDICAL LLC as seen here:

There’s an interesting article about that place.

Her website actually says that the address is in Washington DC, and if you look it up – yup, that’s her ACTUAL place:

Does it not seem a tad odd that she would boost about a place she rents from time to time? Also, it’s $75,000/month to rent it and guess who’s paying for it – you!
Or maybe she pays for it with the business loan she took out in 2/2016 – not sure yet.

Her education is also in question.

We won’t (yet) even touch the “European Graduate School” or the fact that the title of “Doctor” for a person that holds a PhD is historically not used the way she is using it – but it certainly does make her sound super credible, right? And unfortunately said school doesn’t even have a postdoctoral course in “Communication”.

And her George Washington degrees? Well, that’s up for debate. The Student Clearinghouse offers provides immediate education verification for a staggering number of schools going as far back as the 1980s. So we gave it our credit card, put in Angela’s supposed info and:

Yikes. “Pending School Reasearch”. Which means they can’t find her, and have to contact the school and have them manually research her alleged credentials. And yes, we received the same status for both of her listed degrees. Seems odd to us.

There’s also the issue that we can’t seem to find “The Author Incubator”, “Becoming Journey” or “Difference Press” as actually being a registered company – but we haven’t hit all states yet. She seems to have a lot of ties to Connecticut, so maybe there.


And finally, we end with a trio of testimonials thanking us for our work.

Just writing this thank you note.

Yep ! The video of Angela… Dr. Angela was pretty convincing, right choice of words… oh la la…

Thank God there is internet and people willing to take precious time to create a website that would help seekers find answers.

You destroyed my ‘bubble’ pretty quickly, but I’m very thankful.

Have a great day.

PS : I do appreciate that you expose without using a bitter attitude. Plain facts and testimonies. Double thanks.


This one, with a subject of “Saved by the bell”, raises some good points:


I came across the Author Incubator as a sponsored ad on my Facebook page. I’m a new writer and have liked or saved many interesting posts for furthering my research into the process of writing and getting published. By a real, honest publisher. I’m not looking for Random House here, just someone who can help me in the process.

So I clicked and read and watched her video and got to the application process. It was interesting that they asked for the following because I hadn’t gotten to the point of giving a synopsis of my book idea, hadn’t thought about my author bio (who does that before the book is even written?) and wasn’t about to give a writing sample until I spoke with someone.

That said, I pondered this process overnight and decided to do a little sleuthing this morning. That’s when I found your websites. I just typed in “is Author Incubator a scam” and got your site. Very interesting information. As I go through this writing process, I’m finding I need to have on my BS detection system at all times. And I find that sad.

But luckily for me – no money changed hands.  I wasn’t deluded into thinking she would make me a $1M and know that my books inside me will be written while staying true to my principles. Ones that don’t include giving people money for things I can figure out myself. The one thing I think is disgusting is how they use the idea of changing the world as one of their manipulation tactics. Maybe they do just want to have a stable of books that showcase that resource. But to me it’s more likely that they use it as a ploy.

Thanks so much for your site. It reinforced my instincts. Nice to know they are dead on with this scam.

This one is short and sweet and really makes us happy:

I was in the “free” webinar tonight and my mind began to wander…so I did what I always do on webinars–I went to Google (lol).  Then, I typed in AuthorIncubator Reviews and your site popped up.

After reading two pages of your website, I turned off the webinar and closed out the tab on my computer that contained my application.  You saved me from getting scammed; and, I am forever grateful.
Realistically, we’ll never ‘bring her down’. That’s not our goal. We’re here for the skeptical folks, the ones that just want to hear about it from another source. And, oddly, there isn’t anyone actually posting anything about them – well, nothing positive. Plenty of negatives, but she loves sending out those Cease and Desist letters. Funny thing is, we don’t plan to stop.
Anyway, we exist because the truth needs to be laid bare. Backed up with as much evidence as possible and displayed before the world for full disclosure. We’re not trying to tell you what to think, we’re just presenting facts.
And we’re hitting her in the wallet.

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