The many emails of Angela Lauria

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Angela Lauria of the Author Incubator sure sends out a ton of emails, doesn’t she? Virtually every day, and sometimes more. And among the grammatical errors, run on sentences, and incorrect article use, she manages to sprinkle in some wonderful clickbait-y subjects. Hilariously, they are very easy to check up on.

November 17, 2017 – Angela sends out an email with the subject of “I need to take this post down…”. Here is that post (Highlighting by me):

Wow – that means you better act fast, right? I mean, she’s going to get rid of it and you’ll be missing out!

Oh, never mind, it’s still up and you can see it right here. (As of November 25, 2017)

And this huge response she generated is impressive – especially considering how many views it has gotten!


But Angela must be great at what she does, because as soon as you go to that link up there you are greeted with a banner proclaiming her the GOLD WINNER 2017 MENTOR OR COACH OF THE YEAR by the Stevies. Surely that’s a legit organization looking to award the top women in business and not some scam money grab right?

Angela Lauria’s Paid-For Award

I’m just curious why she didn’t list all 4 of the awards she won. I mean, according to the Stevie Awards Entry Fee PDF she paid at least $1,000 to ‘Win’ this award. That’s right – like her own program, it’s a “pay to play” scam.

Angela Lauria has no training to coach writers. She possesses neither of the degrees considered the foundation in the publishing world; English and Literature. Seriously – not even a minor in Lit!

And it shows in her writing, with such gems as these:

But for a successful transformational author, who wrote the right book in the right way, picking the RIGHT clients is possible because your book has already brought you a stream of qualified leads who are bought into your message and KNOW you are the one who can help them.

and this:

Happy Thanksgiving! Before I head out with family I wanted to take some time today to give back by inspiring everyone in a short Facebook live broadcast.

and this:

I can’t believe it but the holidays are right around the corner (seriously you guys where did this year go?). If you’re like me, then this is time of the year where you reflect and think about what you’ve done to give back. Was it enough?

and this:

For Thanksgiving Week I’ve decided to do something special as a way to give back to everyone who is helping, supporting, and participating in my mission to change the world, one book at a time.


Almost every email she writes would make my 8th grade English teacher Mrs. Faith frown. If you pay close attention and actually read her emails, you’ll see she commits mistakes that you’re warned about wayyyyyy back in English 101.

I’ve seen the following mistakes in her writing:

  • Subject-Verb Agreement Errors (She doesn’t even know what that means)
  • Sentence Fragments
  • Missing the apostrophe with “Its”
  • No comma in a compound sentence
  • Vague pronoun references
  • Severe abuse of run-on sentences
  • Superfluous commas
  • Virtually every email has faulty parallelism
  • Every email has sentence sprawl
  • I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what an infinitive is, because all of hers are split
  • But she does love to COMMA SPLICE ALL THE THINGS. (One day she’ll learn about the semicolon and colon punctuation marks)

The multitude of egregious errors are fairly easy to miss; the brain will naturally skip over minor grammatical errors and even reorder modifiers and the like subconsciously. It really only shows when you really pay attention – something you’d think the writer would do before hitting that ‘Send’ button. You’ll also notice it when a sentence is structured extremely poorly and it ‘breaks’ your brain; forces a hard stop as you re-read it to try to understand. The use of the preposition ‘to’ in the second sentence above is a mild version of this.

Now that I’ve told you, be sure to pay extra attention to every email she sends out – they are sophomoric hilarity at its finest!

That’s it for now – here is the takeaway about this post:

  • Angela Lauria writes misleading emails that entice the reader to take action
  • Angela Lauria uses unethical psychological scare tactics to attempt to drive decisions
  • Angela Elizabeth Lauria of the Author Incubator does not possess the most basic degrees required to be a publisher
  • Angela Lauria misleads the reader about her credibility by displaying awards that she has paid to receive
  • Angela Lauria’s own writing is extremely sophomoric and full of many basic errors an English 101 class would have taught her to avoid


And I’ll give you a few things to ponder:

  • There are many people in this world that hold a PhD. You interact with them every day. Outside of the medical and educational field, how many refer to themselves continually as “Doctor”? Why does Angela Lauria feel the need to inform people she allegedly holds the title of ‘doctor’ in every form of communication (Written, audio, video)?
  • And how many people do you know, that call themselves Doctor, hold a PhD in Communication?
  • “PhD in Communication” isn’t a real degree. It’s usually “PhD in Philosophy in Communication Studies”
  • The school she allegedly graduated from doesn’t even offer that degree – it’s all philosophy, art, and critical thought.
  • There exists no masters or doctoral thesis from Angela Lauria – which is a requirement in literally EVERY program.


I’ll let you decide what she is.

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