What does a real publisher contract look like?

Before you sign your life – and your copyright – away to Scamgela, allow me to show you what a proper contract between an author and a publisher looks like:

092_Example Author Contract


You can download this to peruse it at your leisure by clicking here.

Well I guess I struck a nerve

So super miss busy Scamgela took the time to search through her email list to find one of my addresses, and deleted me from it.

That means we’re winning! See, those with narcissistic personality disorder absolutely can’t stand anyone who isn’t kissing their ass. And her most recent emails seem to be a direct response to the last few posts I’ve made. Almost like she’s trying to show she’s not a scam.

And really, she’s totally legit, let’s just take 1 sentence from her website:

Unlike other publishers, which often focus on book sales and revenue for the publisher, we are committed to the success of our authors in the creation of the book, the publishing of the book, and in the promotion of the book and related programs, and to the readers in getting them the help and personal transformation they need.

With grammar like that, I don’t even need to write about it! Comma abuse, run-on sentence, misuse of transitives. And there’s a few more things. But we don’t want to focus on that. Focus on this:

Unlike other publishers, which often focus on book sales and revenue for the publisher,

Seriously, nothing proves Angela Lauria has ZERO knowledge about publishing, marketing, writing or anything else remotely close to it. She’s a scam.

She’s not a publisher.

Publishers focus on book sales and revenue because, you know, that’s ALSO how the writers of those books get money. That’s why they don’t take just anyone. And they don’t make easily refuted claims about every book being a best seller too.

See, Angela focuses on getting all her revenue from you up front. And all her gaslighting from some of her ‘authors’ are the minority she hasn’t cast away and discarded.


Angela Lauria – YOU DON’T KNOW ONE THING ABOUT PUBLISHING. You’re destroying lives with your lies. And we will shut you down.


Video coming in a few days, folks.


A few updates and additions

We’ve completely revamped the page “About, Donations & Contact” – and as you can guess, it now gives a broader overview of who we are. We’ve also listed our promises to you, a donation link, and a contact form. And yes, media outlets, we love talking to you!

We’ve also added a proper way for you to Tell Us Your Story. And don’t worry – you can be as anonymous as you wish – or tell the world who you are!
While we will use all responses for internal data gathering and research, you do have the option of graciously allowing us to include your missive into a new feature called ‘Testimonials’.

And finally, the thing we’re most proud of! We now have a new page called “Questions To Ask“; these are questions that you should absolutely be asking before you do ANY business with ANY publisher. And while it’s generic enough that it can be used with any of them, it was lovingly written with Angie in mind.

Be sure to use the ‘tell us your story’ feature to recount the hilarity and share it with the world. And yes, we do allow for uploads of screen shots, audio, video – whatever you have.

Oh, right, to help you best prepare to ask those questions, we took the raw data of both the first 100 books returned by data miner, and on a second sheet it contains all the info about Angela’s first book, all the way back in 2014, called “The Difference”. Find it on this Google Spreadsheet here.

While we know that our data are calculated estimates gleaned from monitors that poll Amazon every hour, and have done so for about 60 days now. We believe in what they say. And besides, the Kindle platform provides exhaustive data about money and sales – if we were completely wrong, all Angelduh would need to do is turn that poorly overworked video camera onto her laptop, login to the portal, and prove us all wrong.

But, cmon, you know she won’t. She doesn’t even tell people the whole reason she started doing this in the first place is because her ‘book’ was flat out rejected by every traditional publisher, multiple times. So of course she has a teeny-tiny little grudge.

Angela doesn’t even know how publishing works

The latest email from Angela Lauria tells us 2 things:

  1. She has absolutely no idea how publishing works
  2. This site is making a difference

You can tell she has no experience with how book publishing works purely through today’s email. I almost want to thank her for making this so easy.

How can you tell she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about? It’s simple – all she talks about is money.

So, fine, before we go into detail how completely naive she is, we’ll talk about the only thing she talks about – the money.

With Angela, you give her tens of thousands of your dollars, and she “publishes” your book. Let’s assume you get 100% of the return. Since she gives almost all of her books away for free with Kindle Prime, you’ve given her a ton of money, and receive nothing.

Or maybe she does put a price on your book, but because she doesn’t have any kind of marketing team to publicize it, you get about $7/month.

If you give her $20,000, using her own model, it would take 2,857 months on average to BREAK EVEN. So, to just get back to the ZERO point would take 238 YEARS. And that’s with you getting 100% of the profits. And oh, by the way she owns the copyright for your book.

So, you’ve given her $20,000 and a Word document. She takes your cash, spends 5 minutes publishing it to kindle, and that’s it. If your book accidentally gets popular, well she owns the copyright to it, so you can’t even republish it.

Angela runs a vanity press, but she’ll never actually say that. There is zero risk for her to publish your book, that’s why she’ll take anyone.

Now, let’s look at how traditional publishing works:

In traditional publishing, the publisher assumes the risk of ALL publication and production costs.

That’s the reason they are so selective. An unknown author is a huge risk to them. They even give you an advance. Why?

  1. It’s a show of confidence that they will be able to get your book to sell.
  2. With all of the rounds of revisions, editing, proofreading, etc it can take upwards of year from signing a contract with a publisher and actually having the book published. So it’s a holdover. A thank you, if you will.

If wrote something that no one will read and a publisher pushes it out, you’ve gained from it, but the publisher has lost. AND LOST BIG.

Look at how much just US publishers spend every year:

From https://www.statista.com/statistics/185246/estimated-expenses-of-us-book-publishers-since-2005/

In just 2015 alone, they’ve spent $16,730,000,000. 16 BILLION.

Now, lets look at this paragraph of her email:

Every new book represents a risk to the publisher, who is gambling tens of thousands of dollars that it will sell enough copies to earn a profit. Most books barely cover their costs or at best earn a small profit, and this is particularly the case with books by unknown authors. Therefore, publishers try to keep costs down by offering small advances. And even those small advances almost always lose money.

She’s kind of right there. It is a huge risk to publishers, because they only make money if your book sells. Angela makes money whether or not your book sells.

She states ‘most books barely cover their costs’. Which can be true – for TECHNICAL BOOKS, but isn’t true for any other genre. And the main reason it’s true for technical books is they are always large – often times over 2,000 pages, and printing books that size is a lot of money a publisher has to front without any guarantee they’ll make it back. Angela has no idea how much it actually costs to run a traditional publishing model – because she’s not in that industry.

She goes on to say:

Because they will keep the other 90% of your salary for themselves!!!

You are, in fact, paying to publish with a traditional publisher… You are actually paying much, much more to publish if your book is successful. The only way in this scenario you are not paying to publish is if your book doesn’t sell.


If she was even remotely correct, why didn’t J.K. Rowling switch to a vanity press, or even self-publish, the Harry Potter installments after her initial contract ended? She only gets that 10% royalty, but it doesn’t seem to really hurt her:

From https://www.statista.com/statistics/275232/earnings-of-the-wealthiest-authors-worldwide/

I mean, she still received $95,000,000 from her royalties. She’d obviously get even more if she went with a little vanity press like Angie’s, right?


Factor in the huge marketing arm of Scholastic Press. Kids are essentially force-fed books from them – remember being a kid and bringing that Scholastic Press form home from school, begging your parents for the money for the books? Yeah, Angie can’t give you that.

How about the extensive editing and revisions that J.K. Rowling had to do. She was a first time author, and had many mistakes. There are dozens of people that poured over that manuscript, spending hundreds of hours. Does Angie give you that? Nope.

Angela wants you to think that publishers are stealing from you. Are they? Nope. Wrong again.

In 2016, Scholastic Press has a total revenue of 1.67 Billion dollars. That’s all the money they received. The ‘gross’ amount, before expenses.
After expenses, the NET revenue, is 40.5 million dollars.

Almost 50% of all the money they took in, went to selling books!

We’re talking about all of the editing, printing, advertising, marketing. Almost half of it went right back out to help you sell your book.

When you give Angie your $30,000, does 50% of that go into your book? Hell no, not even close. It goes right into her pockets. Go check out her facebook, look at all the posts of the $3000 purses she purchased, that $75,000/month rent for her little fantasy castle, all her trips – YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT ALL.

And she’ll never tell you that. Versus a traditional publisher, like Scholastic Press, publishing their operational costs in dizzying, exact details. Where is Angies financial disclosure? Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t have one.

Additionally, submitting your work to – and paying a large fee for – the services of Angies author mill is detrimental to your name and your business. You’re judged by the company you keep. And to a traditional publishing company, Angela Lauria looks like a tweaking meth addict begging for change on a street corner.

What sounds more appealing to you?

A publisher who gives you an advance, works with you to polish your manuscript so its the best that it can be, who spends tremendous amounts of money on you by printing thousands of copies of your book, distributing them worldwide to stores. Paying tremendous amounts of money to advertise your book via newspapers, radio, television, online ad campaigns. Giving out dozens of preview copies to major book reviewers. And you haven’t paid a single cent for it.


Someone that doesn’t have any fixed price for her services. Does zero marketing. Zero advertising. Zero printing. Zero editing. But you’ve given her all your money.

It’s obvious!

It’s all about risk. With Angela, you have all the risk, she has none. There’s nothing motivating her to give 2 fucks about your book, because you already gave her your money. I’ve shown you the books themselves making next to no money. And have you ever seen ANY advertising from her for ANY of the books she’s released? And I mean the books themselves, not her talking with some author about their book, which is just a way to advertise her company. Not even a Facebook ad. Why would she, she has your money.

With a traditional publisher, they own all the risk. They are highly motivated to have you produce the absolute BEST book you can. Because if you fail, you walk away with your advance money, while the publisher loses THOUSANDS of dollars.

But they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so we’ll leave you with something to think about:

Let’s do some simple math – fact checking time! Her poor father.

Angela sent out the following email, telling the world she’s “.. at 22 employees, 16,000 square feet and more than $5M in annual revenue”.

It’s right here – click to embiggen it:

Angela’s New Math

Now compare that to her self-reported Inc.Com revenue of the previous year of “2.3M”

Now we’ve already debunked her ‘16,000’ square feet, since she doesn’t own nor lease it – just rents it as needs arise. So right there, she’s pretending to be something she isn’t. Being a tad grandiose. Something a person suffering narcissistic personality disorder would do. Our doctorate is more valid than Angela’s, so believe the diagnosis.

Let’s instead focus on “more than $5M in annual revenue”

Between January 16th, 2017 and today (December 8th, 2017), “Difference Press” has released a total of 75 books.

This includes her exploiting her 10 year old son, mind you. That book, which was such a stellar success he’s got a total of 228 subscribers. Angela doesn’t even seem to care that the minimum age for uploading to YouTube is 13. So, exploiting your child for your own illicit gain is A-OK in our little Angela’s broken mind.

Moving on… Let’s break down these book sales and this awesome influx of revenue! 

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