Let’s do some simple math – fact checking time! Her poor father.

Angela sent out the following email, telling the world she’s “.. at 22 employees, 16,000 square feet and more than $5M in annual revenue”.

It’s right here – click to embiggen it:

Angela’s New Math

Now compare that to her self-reported Inc.Com revenue of the previous year of “2.3M”

Now we’ve already debunked her ‘16,000’ square feet, since she doesn’t own nor lease it – just rents it as needs arise. So right there, she’s pretending to be something she isn’t. Being a tad grandiose. Something a person suffering narcissistic personality disorder would do. Our doctorate is more valid than Angela’s, so believe the diagnosis.

Let’s instead focus on “more than $5M in annual revenue”

Between January 16th, 2017 and today (December 8th, 2017), “Difference Press” has released a total of 75 books.

This includes her exploiting her 10 year old son, mind you. That book, which was such a stellar success he’s got a total of 228 subscribers. Angela doesn’t even seem to care that the minimum age for uploading to YouTube is 13. So, exploiting your child for your own illicit gain is A-OK in our little Angela’s broken mind.

Moving on… Let’s break down these book sales and this awesome influx of revenue! 

Those 75 books have a total estimated sales of 209. Yup, all of them together is 209 sales. So the total estimated revenue on those sales is $1,143.

But, Ms. Angela Lauria says she received over $5,000,000 in revenue this year.

So you don’t have to be a doctor to do the math so far – after we GENEROUSLY round up to $10,000 in sales for the year, that means there is a discrepancy of $4,990,000.

So where does her extra money come from, since she doesn’t do anything else?

Well according to the math, each one of those 75 authors paid Angie at least $66,533.33 for her coaching ‘help’.

Now, we are aware of people she has attempted to get over $50,000 from, but we haven’t heard of anyone foolish enough to give her over $65,000.

Could she be, perhaps, lying to all of us?

To add to her stunning 1,548% 3-year revenue growth, she managed to increase it over 117% in a year?! DOUBLE the amount she self-reported for 2016?

We call bullshit.

Shame on her for exploiting her poor child, and shame on her for sullying her farther’s name WHILE not disclosing the entire truth.

Her 76 year old father lives in a modest $360,000 2-bedroom 2-bath home in Florida. Now that’s something a millionaire would own, as they are by and large quite frugal with things.

Angela also neglected to tell you that her “Dad’s business”, was “Her dad and several partners” from its inception in 1972 until he bought out the last partner 16 years later in 1988.
Also, that performance shop was the only type of its kind in the northeast US, hence how its business was booming – until the 90s came around and they were forced to diversify.

Based on my research, he seems like one hell of a guy. He specialized in T Buckets, Ford Model Ts turned into hotrods. In the late 90’s the TV show “Shadetree Mechanic” built one of his cars, and sales shot up again. Since 2006, they have a large shop at Destination Daytona – an over 100 acre complex. While Mickey’s shop is actually only 1500sqft, I’m sure Angela would say he has the whole 100 acres – well, actually, she’d say 4,356,000 Square Feet. But then again that is higher than the castle she pretends to own, despite every single record to the contrary.

All in all, I feel bad for Mickey being associated with Angela. He built his empire by seeing a need in a market, getting some friends and some money, and busting his ass.

Angela Lauria, on the other hand, makes a living by playing out some delusional dream in her broken mind, stealing from hardworking people along the way.


Oh, here’s a freebie I dug up and just don’t know where to place it yet. Here’s a video of a person who went to “European Graduate School”.

My Experience as a student at European Graduate School EGS, a review 

“Shockingly unacceptable” is the quote of the day. His review of the school, Angela’s life of lies and deceit.

I only wish there was a list of unaccredited publishers, like there is for institutions of higher learning.

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