A few updates and additions

We’ve completely revamped the page “About, Donations & Contact” – and as you can guess, it now gives a broader overview of who we are. We’ve also listed our promises to you, a donation link, and a contact form. And yes, media outlets, we love talking to you!

We’ve also added a proper way for you to Tell Us Your Story. And don’t worry – you can be as anonymous as you wish – or tell the world who you are!
While we will use all responses for internal data gathering and research, you do have the option of graciously allowing us to include your missive into a new feature called ‘Testimonials’.

And finally, the thing we’re most proud of! We now have a new page called “Questions To Ask“; these are questions that you should absolutely be asking before you do ANY business with ANY publisher. And while it’s generic enough that it can be used with any of them, it was lovingly written with Angie in mind.

Be sure to use the ‘tell us your story’ feature to recount the hilarity and share it with the world. And yes, we do allow for uploads of screen shots, audio, video – whatever you have.

Oh, right, to help you best prepare to ask those questions, we took the raw data of both the first 100 books returned by data miner, and on a second sheet it contains all the info about Angela’s first book, all the way back in 2014, called “The Difference”. Find it on this Google Spreadsheet here.

While we know that our data are calculated estimates gleaned from monitors that poll Amazon every hour, and have done so for about 60 days now. We believe in what they say. And besides, the Kindle platform provides exhaustive data about money and sales – if we were completely wrong, all Angelduh would need to do is turn that poorly overworked video camera onto her laptop, login to the portal, and prove us all wrong.

But, cmon, you know she won’t. She doesn’t even tell people the whole reason she started doing this in the first place is because her ‘book’ was flat out rejected by every traditional publisher, multiple times. So of course she has a teeny-tiny little grudge.

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