Someone hurry up and tell Angela!

Someone needs to let Angela know that she can now pay for a 2018 spot on Inc. 5000.

Just fill out those forms Angie, and drop $175 down to have another fake ‘award’ for your fake life.


How about a testimonial for you folks, too?

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Have you seen this horrific article in Washingtonian about her? I went to college with her (GW). Later she turned back up in my orbit when a great friend of mine who had released an e-book through her told me about what a scam it all was. That friend has since passed away, and I remain completely disgusted about the scam. The reason I searched her name today was that I saw a seriously vomitous youtube commercial today by Lauria. I am SO glad you have started this site. I feel awful for my late friend who was duped (and she was a very smart and talented person so if she could be taken in it's very serious). Anyway, thank you for trying to get the word out about her. Best, Anonymous

Hurt January 26, 2018

5 thoughts on “Someone hurry up and tell Angela!

  1. Would you mind adding some links to this blog on how to launch our books? Or share in your opinion how one can accelerate to finish a book project. I’m assuming you’re an author because your content is so well written/ and organized! Share tips pleeeeeeease! 🙂

  2. It’s obvious that this whole attack on Angela is personal. You need to forgive and forget and move on with your life. Whatever you think about her………………you are making a mockery of yourself as well.
    It’s really disgraceful.

    • There’s a personal aspect to it, true. I never said there wasn’t. But I started this website to warn people. I’m not attacking anyone, but the absurdity of paying thousands of dollars for what you can essentially do yourself for free.

      • Have to agree. I came across her site (still not sure how) and decided to submit an ‘application’ because it seemed legit initially. I engaged in the half-hour ‘interview’ with the ‘talent scout’ – who then referred me to the ‘preparing for your interview (with Angela)’ site. I wasted another 20 minutes of my time before I finally learned the cost of her program – which she never explained. I suppose this is how she gets aspiring authors to become committed….by making them invest their time in such a way while stroking their egos. It was a huge red flag for me.
        Honestly, if she were so successful in helping authors generate six-figure incomes in the first year, she would be smart enough to be paid a percentage of those alleged huge first-year sales. And what homeless person has access to $50.00 – let alone $15,000.00?! Common sense tells me ‘The Author Incubator’ is definitely not legit. Thanks for the info.

        • Bingo! That’s exactly how publishers work, and why they are selective – they’d lose money otherwise. But Angela’s ‘system’ literally comes with zero risk to her – she has your money already and you’re left with all the marketing and other hyperbole.

          And I don’t know about you, but I’m not paying anyone anything – especially with zero college for literature.

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