Congratulations, Angela has accepted you – plus the ACTUAL COST of her program! BREAKING NEWS!

An outraged author recently made us privy to a page Scamgela doesn’t have a direct link to. The page, titled “Preparing for your interview“, is a 24 minute insight into her whole program. And it’s the only time I’ve actually heard he say what the price is.

I won’t spend the better part of a half hour slowly wearing you down until I announce the amount (Skip to 16:26 to hear it yourself), I’m just going to tell you right now:

3 payments of $5,000, or $14,000 in one lump sum. 

Yes, (and this is for search engines, based on common terms people use to get here) The cost of the “The Author Incubator” program by Angela Lauria is $15,000.

In the buildup, she makes many statements not backed up with anything a reasonable person could fact check for themselves. Things like:

  • She managed to get 3 homeless people to pay for her program. (Side note: Isn’t that a bit heartless?)
  • She states she has 3-4 authors making over 1 million dollars a year
  • She states the average a nonfiction author makes is $1500, but her authors average $86,000/year.
    How? Here’s the spy results of one of her ‘cherished authors’:

  • States that a book proposal is all about marketing. It is not. If she was actually involved in literature, she’d understand that. A book proposal answers 2 questions: Why should a publisher invest in your book, and why are you the person to write it?
    Publishers are NOT the bad guys, they are the ones that do all the heavy lifting once a book is written. They are investing in YOU.
    DID YOU KNOW? Since she promised it to you, she entered a binding ‘express contract’ with you. If you haven’t made $10,000/month, sue her. Almost worth throwing away $15,000 right?


That video genuinely pisses me off to no degree. I’m grinding my teeth as I right this and pounding on the keyboard. It shows such a huge lack of ethics and morals I can’t understand why anyone would give her 1 cent, let alone $14,000. (By the way: 12 authors per month, at $14,000 per author, means Angela is stealing over $2 million a year from you. That’s a felony. Someone really should contact a lawyer.)

Her brazen unconscionability is all in this video!!

By the way, Angela, you really should look up Unconscionability, I have a feeling you’ll become intimately familiar with the term quite soon.
Definition: Unconscionability is a doctrine in contract law that describes terms that are so extremely unjust, or overwhelmingly one-sided in favor of the party who has the superior bargaining power, that they are contrary to good conscience.

Throughout this whole process she puts you through, you’re being groomed. “Grooming” is what predators do to lower your inhibitions, like how you would – obviously – have an objection for paying such an insane amount – but her whole process is setup to get you ‘ready’ for her.


  • She has literally provided ZERO proof of any claims she has ever made.
  • This video beings with her referring to herself as “Dr. Angela”. Again, that’s
  • She really makes her money by exploiting two psychological terms – suggestability and misattribution – common tactics quite popular with sociopaths.
  • Throughout the video, she crudely attempts to imprint the ‘scarcity’ of her offer and works to raise a sense of urgency about her program (Spending 5 minutes explaining why you should tell her ‘no’ if you don’t want to go through with the program – how is that appropriate in a ‘congratulatory’ video?). Psychologically, these are common tactics conmen use. By making you feel special (There’s a limited number of slots open), and telling you to say no quickly if you don’t want to go through with the program (By repeatedly stressing how you must be nice and tell them no if you change your mind she’s imparting guilt into your mind. You would feel guilty, or wasteful, if you said yes then ghosted)
  • Again, she further on states how she only wants to work with people who “Want to make 150,000 to 300,000 per year”. Why that specific range? Again, another predatory psychological tactic. Without going into the science toooo much, $150,000 – $300,000 will seem like an income significantly larger than her ‘mark’ currently makes, but it’s not outside the realm of plausibility. It seems like a tangible goal. Versus saying you will make 25,000,000 to 50,000,000. That’s ludicrous. But it wouldn’t be crazy to a millionaire, especially if she was instead charging $300,000 for her services.  Proportions, yo.
  • Everything is centered on her ego and on what she wants. She practically insults those that link is sent to, giving a pandering 3 minutes and 45 second explanation of why she can’t congratulate you in purpose.
  • She calls her junior scammers “Talent Scouts”. That terminology used to be huge in IT – say you’re looking for ‘talent’ and not ’employees’ and suddenly a mundane job seems sexy. Same thing here. \
  • After the big reveal of the cost in the video, she spends a large amount of time telling you how to find that money – trust fund, line of credit at the bank, new credit card, mortgage the house etc etc – does that sound like something that someone who intends to help you would say? It doesn’t to me.

In the several years I’ve studied this woman I’ve learned 2 things about her:

  1. She loves to tell stories about herself
  2. She has ZERO knowledge at all of how the publishing industry works.

If you suck at marketing, that’s fair. But if you have a book you want to get published, you take on a literary agent.  Just like being accepted by a publisher, an agent is free – they work on commission. Which means they have an extremely strong desire to get you the best deal possible. Because their livelihood depends on selling your book.

The whole industry is commission based. Writers rarely have to spend such insane amounts that she’s asking, simply to get published.

Look at it this way:

If her program truly worked. If you truly made a minimum of $10,000/month from your book the first month and then some, Angela Lauria would be an idiot to charge $15,000 for her services. Why? Because if the program actually worked and actually made you money she would give it away in exchange for a 10% commission. Within 3 years (And remember, we’re using the minimums she said you’d make), she would be making over $20,000,000/year. $20,736,000 to be exact. 

But it doesn’t work. It only makes her richer. And you fell for it. And then you’re to tied up in NDAs and madness to tell your story to the world. 

Coming soon – an in-depth analysis of the video shown on “Preparing for your interview” – I will show you in detail how she’s fucking with you.

And, I have to say, if you look at the video and compare it to the pictures on the main site – it’s like there’s 2 different people.


20 thoughts on “Congratulations, Angela has accepted you – plus the ACTUAL COST of her program! BREAKING NEWS!

  1. I am meeting her Wednesday to have her work with me and my book, i’ll let her know what you have shared!

    • Thanks, though adhd religiously checks this site anyway.

      Please come back when you’ve made that 10,000+ in your first month. I’ll give you 5000 upon appropriate proof

  2. I think if this site was written with less bitterness, I’d trust it more. The amount of anger makes me weary, though. However, I did read the washingtonian post, which was a little less biased and helpful.

    • Hey, thanks for the honest feedback. You’re absolutely right, I’ll try harder to be unbiased.
      If it matters any, the bitterness is not against her personally, but against people that can make a huge amount of money by essentially selling nothing but a promise. Like the worse lot of used car salesmen.

  3. Good info. I like your supporting logic regarding commissions, not to mention all the other interesting points.

  4. I just got watched her webinar this morning. I knew something was a little off when she was slipping in comments about borrowing money or taking a loan at the very beginning, but thought I had missed a portion of something. REALLY stood out at me towards the end when she required a “God like calling” type of ‘devotion’ to her project, as a requisite to ‘applying’…. freaky! I instantly thought that sounds cult-ish and figured her minions were doing the work of the other ‘publishers’ that were chatting away BS comments during the webinar.
    Upon a Google search for the pricing, at which point I proceeded to laugh-my-ass-off… (seriously??), I immediately knew this was a scam from the pricing alone, amongst the many other flaws that pump everyone of us up to feel like ‘we are all capable’ of achieving our goals and dreams (enough said on that).
    Has anyone noticed how she uses the term ‘Exclusive Masterclass’ with a logo amazingly similar to that of ?? Maybe you should alert to that and I’m sure where there stature they might very likely go after her just on that alone… Just a thought for you Falcon. And good for you for throwing this site out there and trying to help avoid any more ‘homeless’ people or otherwise, from having to lose $15K.

  5. Thanks for creating this website. I became leery of the offer after when I had been told I was chosen from

  6. I became leery of her business after being “chosen” for the program and ultimately being interviewed by one of the Talent Scouts, who I will call “Calvin”. After watching the “Interview Preparation” video, I misunderstood some of the things she said about the $5,000 upfront cost. Angela went back and forth with her words – saying how you can provide the credit card number, but they won’t charge it right away, you can say NO when they call; etc. I didn’t have the $5K upfront, but assumed there were payment options; especially since she claimed that homeless people were able to come up with the money in a few days. I’m a professional in the healthcare industry and I am in the top 10% of incomes in the US, but with Student Loans, Healthcare bills, etc., I knew I wouldn’t be able to come up with the $15K for the program in such a short period and yet a homeless man can? I used to be homeless as a child, we didn’t have nor could we raise that amount of money in such a short time.

    After the one hour presentation, the interviewer asked if I had any questions. That is when I asked about the money and what kind of time I had to pay. He told me the video was clear (that was a lie, to me) on the options. When I told him I didn’t have the money to pay that day (they had just reached out less than 4 days before), he shut the conversation down quickly and stopped responding to questions I sent about the program via text. So much for the ‘genuinely trying to help’ part of their pitch. So, much for ‘looking for authors that are trying to make a difference in this world’ pitch. I was like, WOW…what a joke! The look on Calvin’s face during our Zoom Video Conference Interview when I told him that I didn’t have the money that day and the fact that he ignored my texts right after showed me the TRUE nature of their business.

    People are something else in this world. Buyers beware….I wouldn’t trust this company. I agree with the guy who mentioned the confusion about Angela using the Master’s Class name and photos that look similar to I thought she was legitimate because I was fully aware of and had seen the trailers for the videos of Media Mogul, Oprah Winfrey, and Directors, Ron Howard, and Martin Scorsese. So, when I went on their website, I expected to see Angela’s class there. Never found it. Her advertisement on YouTube is misleading. It left me with the impression she had a class on the site.

    Anyway, hope you guys do your research, don’t waste your time and beware of companies like this.

    • I did too! I love all things Oprah and I too thought she was a Masterclass teacher! I’m not sure why, but I didn’t think like you though to go to the site or even OWN, etc, meaning, I knee-jerk clicked on the link, because I saw the logo (obviously meant to fool) and signed up to watch the live chat thing, but I did know enough about these types of “programs” to not give my phone number, so if it didn’t resonate with me, then all I lost was the time of watching the live pitch for her program. And so I wouldn’t recieve a barage of calls. I’m not sure where she got me in losing the connection to Oprah’s Masterclass – that she is not connected. I did watch the whole thing and I thought she was incredibly degrading at times, as I’m sure is a tactic to shame a personto “do whatever it takes” to get the money, thereby making you feel that “if you’re not willing to do whatever it takes” then you are not a writer, you are not worthy of being in her prestigious program and you will NEVER succeed at basically anything. This is shaming! Amongst other things, I wonder…How does Jack Canfield play into all of this? He is a respected self help person that has even been on Oprah and is widely respected for his book, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”…does he know about her use of his pic with her? Though she probably isn’t violating anything, by showing a pic of the two of them and saying how much he inspired her and if she is saying Jack said this or that to her then it must be true, otherwise, at Jacks level of success, there would have been some sort of cease and desist order or something to that effect. Of course, there’s no need to add anything more, as both you and the person who wrote this article pretty much summed it all up. But what I do know is that…Karma is VERY real! Thank you both for the article and post! I hope it helps people not to fall for her scam and put themselves into debt and/or get sucked into the “cult-like” setting that is only making her money by scamming it out of those who are simply looking for guidance in how to, as the saying goes, get that book that everyone has in them out, so they can share it with the world.

    • Thanks for sharing. I’m kind of iffy myself about this company too… I just got a 20 min interview phone call this morning and after the call she sent me a link to the preparing for your interview video and I’m scheduled a zoom interview on Saturday… I’m not quite sure if this company is legit. Do you highly say it’s a NO?

  7. Thanks for putting this information online so people, hopefully, will research heavily before purchasing.

    I listened to almost all of the webinar. I knew almost immediately that it was BS and found it interesting that she targets healers, self-help books, etc. The reason is she is going after the most giving, loving, kind hearted people out there.

    Then emphasize something about wanting to hear your personal story, etc. That made me curious as to if she’s going after this “group” of people in the hope of finding the trusting and the broken?

    Well, I am a healer, I’ve been through more than most and guess what, I could see right through it all. Easily. I’m praying that anyone else thinking about taking her up on her bogus pile of poison, reads posts like yours. Thanks for doing it Sista!

  8. I FORGOT TO MENTION…Her webinar is everywhere you look on FACEBOOK right now. So much so that you check to see if you signed up to receive notifications.

    It makes my stomach hurt thinking about all the deception. My fingers are crossed that people are going to research her and what she is offering before going forward with her.

    I recall from her webinar she mentions “having openings right now,” and then when it’s over half over she says something like, “Oh, we’ve had two people sign up already, leaving us with only 3 openings.”

    That’s not a direct quote but it was close. COME ON PEOPLE, DOESN’T YOUR SKIN GET CHILLS LISTENING TO HER?

    It should.

  9. I have an interview today. Obviously I was skeptical and came across your site. Thank you. I knew it would be a scam. I have done marketing. I know it well. 14k! What bullshit. And she’s a liar if she said she had homeless people pay. That is just beyond ridiculous. This will be a fun interview. I am going to fuck with them so much. It’s going to be great. I am so sarcastic and charming at the same time. I filled out the ‘application ‘ when I was bored on Facebook last week. I do not trust Facebook ads so I was sure there was something up. I can write my own books. I have 1 in the works with 3 more afterwords. I know marketing. SEO, and already have someone interested in my books. I thought this was something else completely. Oh good times. Also I don’t think your article was harsh at all. I don’t deal with narcissists.

  10. Just curious – doesn’t some of the $15,000 go to actually editing and printing the books. They’re available in formats other than Kindle. I had a friend who self-published her own book and ended up paying about $10,000 for editing, cover design, printing, etc. and an additional $10,000, I think, for marketing and distribution.

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