Lets Debunk this For You

Yesterday, February 4th, The Author Incubator posted a video on YouTube. Just a couple minutes in length. Here’s literally one half of the video:

Breakdown of $1m book revenue, YouTube

So, first the good: It’s true that a book will see, on average, 3,000 sales in its lifetime.

However, the rest of it is lies.

  • First, that statistic is from 2006 and is for all genres. Not specific to one.
  • Keep in mind, their are almost 1,000,000 books published every year.
  • About half of those are self-published (What Angela is doing)
  • Those self-published books average less than 250 sales. That data aligns with the ongoing monitoring of various titles Angela has published.
  • Not even her own books that she wrote sell.
  • Oh and that 3000 figure does not include ‘ebook sales’
  • The revenue figures are completely made up.

The average price for an eBook on Amazon or BN.com is between $2.99 to $3.99. So how does she get $3 per book? She just makes it up.

Whatever it will take to part with your $15,000.

Why you should wait

Here’s why you should wait and work on your writing before doing something so brash as to actually give that conman your hard earned money:

  • The average advance to publish a book as a first-time author is $10,000.
  • That advance is calculated from the estimated sale of your book for the first 6 months to a year.

And actually, just start writing your book now. Finish it. Send it to publishers for review. Get honest feedback. Improve. And before you know it, someone will take it.

Things like her comment is stuff that the Federal Trade Commission absolutely LOVES to investigate.

Oh, and after the fold, here’s the first 104 people Angela just brazenly prints for whoever to see, without a care for their privacy.

Armando Lopez“Yesterday”
Shiela Wood“Yesterday”
Luke Johnson24-Sep
Breyan Halzlip24-Sep
Dorothy Chisholm24-Sep
Sharon L West24-Sep
Yvette Willia24-Sep
Linda Lasha24-Sep
Laura Noyes24-Sep
Alicia Hubbard24-Sep
Gloria Allen24-Sep
Wendy Alexander24-Sep
Victoria Lazic24-Sep
Tracey Washington24-Sep
Angela Riley24-Sep
Christy Jennings24-Sep
Todd Juluke24-Sep
Christine Fall Moore23-Sep
Dean Thomas23-Sep
Sarah Himkel23-Sep
Robert Craft23-Sep
Matt Archer23-Sep
Sharee Taylor23-Sep
Peg Lannone23-Sep
Bernadette Penotti23-Sep
Luke McLaughlin23-Sep
Sharena Conte23-Sep
Tamara Abston23-Sep
Heather Anderson23-Sep
Adelina Gentry23-Sep
Stephanie Christner23-Sep
Keisha Owens23-Sep
Kim Hansen23-Sep
Raine Devries23-Sep
Tammy Miller22-Sep
Jennifer Lai22-Sep
Regina Fishburne22-Sep
Stacy Rosman22-Sep
Heather Dennis22-Sep
Susan Robin22-Sep
Tchler Diab22-Sep
Cordell Lee21-Sep
Jaqueline Neuwirth21-Sep
Agnes Mina21-Sep
Deborach Cox 21-Sep
Brian Maynard21-Sep
Chase Stover21-Sep
Li Liu21-Sep
Marti Samuelsin20-Sep
Sukanya Hegde20-Sep
Lissette Arroba20-Sep
Brittany Johnson20-Sep
Shelly Schlitter20-Sep
Shelly Schlitter20-Sep
Yolanda Wright20-Sep
Angela Watkins20-Sep
Tamara Coleman20-Sep
“Can I not say I rather not…”20-Sep
Tinksha Nathaniel20-Sep
Amanda Weaver20-Sep
Shaunna Menard20-Sep
Diane Nicholson20-Sep
Monica Fooe20-Sep
Alicia Barnes20-Sep
Lauria Dillman20-Sep
Tina Fitzgerald20-Sep
Ralph Menweg20-Sep
Freida Brown20-Sep
Martins Ejialor20-Sep
Alice Dubose20-Sep
Cassandra Taylor20-Sep
Nicole Tucker20-Sep
Alma Allen20-Sep
Nena Christie Tremblay20-Sep
Kay Pearce20-Sep
Juliet Tennison20-Sep
Paul Wyman20-Sep
Debra Hanes20-Sep
Annette Lewis20-Sep
Jennifer Paliffy20-Sep
Seember Nyager20-Sep
Stephanie Stansbury20-Sep
Patricia Satchell20-Sep
R R Fletcher20-Sep
Tracy Watts20-Sep
Mazhgan Naghipour20-Sep
Jennifer Gladwin20-Sep
Cynthia Craft20-Sep
Deidre Horton Phillips20-Sep
Karl Siman20-Sep
Jakeem Hill20-Sep
Pamela Pater-Ennis20-Sep
Cecillia Reyes20-Sep
MaryAnne Martinez20-Sep
Shanyel Merrel20-Sep
Kari Fisher20-Sep
Jericho Bernandino20-Sep
Rita Weber20-Sep
Jimmy Simms20-Sep
Alicia Eiland20-Sep
Ruben Vargas20-Sep
Rohini Ross19-Sep
Denise Messineo18-Sep
Rafalar Hightower18-Sep
Karen Wigfall18-Sep
Julia Darvy18-Sep
Saurabh Chowdhry18-Sep
Jennifer Ellenburg18-Sep
Frederick Randolph18-Sep
Cameo Bobo18-Sep

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