This is WAR! Stream Snipe today!

We are finally back! We had some curious issues with the website for over a month – but I kicked that monkey off my back and am full of piss and vinegar!

TODAY! 4PM EDT, 1PM PDT – we will stream snipe the queen of deception. Join right here.

2 thoughts on “This is WAR! Stream Snipe today!

  1. You’ve done some great work here, but is this broad the only mare you have pulling your wagon trail? What other scams have your radar has honed in on? Are all those archives indictment of the time you have put in on one clever con doin the dirty deeds? My inquiring mind wants to know. We have like minds and I have information I want to share with you (on the downlow) and all I’m saying is WE NEED TO TALK, I am sitting on a treasure trove of the most trifling scams in areas that are a quantum leap outside the scope of this broads game that affect all of us AND in places that the public needs to know. Trust me, they are way more important case scenarios that would make “what’s her face” that has you all riled up look like a sardine next to the Moby Dick size fraud being done by organizations. That’s all I am saying for now. You got my email, so use it. Let’s talk about bumpin up your game to another level. There, you got my attention, I am impressed with your methods in madness. That’s gift you have to investigate every nuance that renders your objective INARGUABLE is what I commend you for. One last note, IF I published a book compiling all the scams my gifted mind has been up nights working on for 14 years, I wouldn’t be around long enough to see my what my seeds sowed because I’d be crying along side the likes of Jimmy Hoffa, JFK Sr and JFK Jr who’s publishing power with his George magazine was about to expose to the world the truth about the clan to killed his father. Just like his father did on live TV when he exposed the secret societies plot to rule the world and warned the people of the United States during the final days of his life as President. That tiny tot of his saluted his dad at his funeral and the killers knew that boy could one day be a reckoning force who would return with a vengeance. AND they watch, and waited, and down the road some 3 decades later that boy grew up and America loved him. The world would have listened to what JFK Jr had to say (that you can be sure of). But his plane took a nose dive off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard killing Him, His Wife and Sister in law.

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