Testimonials Added

I have finally gotten around to taking a chunk of the testimonials that have been submitted and actually gave them their own page. Read what others came to realize about Angela and her ‘program’ . To get you started, here’s a little sample:

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I saw an advertisement and went to the page. I noted the highly sensational language – borderline gobbledygook – and searched for the cost of attending her classes. I saw the $15,000 price tag, and then this site. I would never spend that kind of dough for someone to amp me up to write (a cup of coffee is much cheaper), but enjoyed seeing this website as a thoroughly explained reason why I correctly decided to say, “No thank you.” 

Mary August 21, 2019

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As you’ve been shown, trying to participate in the programs that author mills offer can be quite the hit to the wallet. Sadly, just the posts on this site won’t always be able to change to their minds – we need to do more.

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