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I have finally gotten around to taking a chunk of the testimonials that have been submitted and actually gave them their own page. Read what others came to realize about Angela and her ‘program’ . To get you started, here’s a little sample:

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I saw an advertisement and went to the page. I noted the highly sensational language – borderline gobbledygook – and searched for the cost of attending her classes. I saw the $15,000 price tag, and then this site. I would never spend that kind of dough for someone to amp me up to write (a cup of coffee is much cheaper), but enjoyed seeing this website as a thoroughly explained reason why I correctly decided to say, “No thank you.” 

Mary August 21, 2019

2 thoughts on “Testimonials Added

  1. I just watched her webinar called a Master Class. She advertised it to authors who want to write a book that makes a difference. I think the people on the call were a combination of legit authors or aspiring authors (like me), and people who were “plants” to make positive comments.

    The whole thing came off like a multi-level marketing/pyramid scheme – it reminded me so much of the Amway, Nu Skin and Arbonne presentations I’ve seen in the past. So much of the presentation talked about leads and people you coach (think “downline” in MLM terms). So instead of talking about writing a book and getting it published, the strategy is to generate LEADS which turn into CUSTOMERS. Oh, and these customers are paying THOUSANDS of dollars to be coached – by YOU? by ME? It sounds completely CRAZY!

    People making comments like “So you build a brand around an idea? I love it!” sounded like they were either drinking the kool-aid or planted to make those comments, to affect the rest of the audience.

    Then at some point, a bunch of us start asking (through the webinar) “what’s the price?”. We were probably the legit audience members, very curious about the price and not dropping the topic.

    Apparently the price FLUCTUATES. Really? Yes, based on supply and demand. Oh, and there are only limited spaces available. You have to APPLY. They will consider your application. You may or may not get in. BUT, if you are willing to pay money up front, you will advance to the front of the line.
    And regarding the question of the money…it’s an investment in YOURSELF. She rattled off stories of people who were homeless, couch surfing, unemployed, broke, calling all their friends and family to get THEM to pay this fee, as an investment in the person.

    I feel SO SORRY for anyone who falls for this scam.

    Another aspect that is a HUGE RED FLAG, is that she threw out insanely high numbers of revenue per month, per year. $12K per month or $144K per year. She made it sound like this was “first level stuff”, that you could stop there, or keep working harder and make more.

    Seriously – if something sounds too good to be true, it ALWAYS is.

    This woman is stealing from vulnerable and susceptible people. She should be STOPPED!

    I’m doubly offended because she throws out a lot of solid spiritual concepts, like the Law of Attraction, but sours it with her smarmy snake-oil pitch.

    Stay away from this faux author incubator program!

    • Glad you didn’t drink the kool-aid there!

      Also, you should look at the terms and conditions she’s added a few months back. Beyond it literally being a generic version found on 2.5 million websites, you basically give up all your rights AND it’s full of markup characters and typos!

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