If you need any more proof

If you’d like more proof on how Angela isn’t actually a publisher, she just plays one – her newest email is sure to please.

The woman stealing $15,000 from everyone is hosting a political fundraiser! And she’s picking…. Marianne Williamson. Who? Yeah, that’s what I said.

She is, of course, a self help author.  She also has a failed attempt to run for congress in 2014  and.. that’s the extent of her political career. She thinks we can win with love and she wants to give $100 billion in reparations for slavery. Remember that thing that NONE OF US, NOR OUR PARENTS, NOR GRANDPARENTS, NOT EVEN GREAT-GREAT-GRANDPARENTS ever had. Yeah, that’s a brilliant plan – almost as brilliant as someone that pretends to be a publisher and decides to throw a fundraiser for the crackpot “Literally not even Marianne thinks she’ll win” candidate.

When you talk to Angela, tell her Jeremy convinced you to go somewhere else!


Happy Holidays!

This is just a friendly reminder that Angela Lauria and the Author Incubator wants to charge you $15,000 to publish your book.

As you can see from  the following image, she can’t even make her own book successful – so how can she help you?


She has the 572,388th most popular selling book on Amazon, with  an estimated monthly revenue of $20.

If she paid herself $15,000 to publish that, it would take her 750 months just to break even.

That is 67 and a half years.

JUST to break even.

This is from a person who had the gall to create an entry on herself on wikipedia, despite her not having anywhere near the  notability to do so:


But don’t worry fam, I went ahead and corrected that. If you check it out now Wikipedia willl tell you that page doesn’t exist, because  of me doing this:


Keep on fighting!