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I saw an advertisement and went to the page. I noted the highly sensational language – borderline gobbledygook – and searched for the cost of attending her classes. I saw the $15,000 price tag, and then this site. I would never spend that kind of dough for someone to amp me up to write (a cup of coffee is much cheaper), but enjoyed seeing this website as a thoroughly explained reason why I correctly decided to say, “No thank you.” 

Mary August 21, 2019

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You’re missing how she makes MOST of her money! 

“Front End” was $10k at the time (9 week program)
“Back End” program was $40k at the time (12 month program) but $30k if you agree to program before the end of the “marketing event” held at “the castle” over a weekend in week 7 of the program, when your book is nearly written. There is no way for an attorney to review the contract before the deadline to save $10k, because 1.) you are out of town at an event, and 2.) attorneys do not work on the weekends. There is high-pressure to sign for the back-end because who wants to pay an “extra” $10k for making a decision 1-2 days later and that is the only way to get your book into bookstores (and that is still even a maybe….). Also, the conversion rate to the back-end program per her directly is 80-90%.  So do that math for the approx 12 people who publish a book each month.

12 people = $120,000
9.6 people (80%) x $30k = $288,000

$408,000 contracted per month X 12 months = $4.9M -/+ number of people she can get in her monthly program

Plus, if you are invited into “The Quill” that is a high level mastermind that is at least $50k per year (must make at least $10k per month for three months I think). This is a cult of all asshole people too. 

I’m fine with people getting rich. What I’m not fine with is people who are complete assholes who have no  integrity, who claim they are a PhD (and no one will shut her down using that fake title),  gas-lighting their clients and I’m pretty sure, doing dark magic under a cloak of love and light.

You can use the facts of this information to add to your calculations, but don’t quote me. My attorney told me to not engage with anything since she threatened to sue (for telling the truth about my experience I guess….). I don’t have the $50k to defend myself or take her to court so she continues to get away with bait and switching people (which is the part when you show up to the marketing event and find out that stuff you thought was included in the $10k will now cost you $40k – or $30k if you pay before the weekend is over.)

Anonymous August 21, 2019

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Thanks for your work. Her website captured my enthusiasm for the book I have and need assistance in its completion. Now, I am seeking an editor to put together all that is already written into a book. Tho, she has good advice on gaining clients before the book is done. I am a published author (W.H. Freedman & Co.), and writer of 75 magazine articles, and with 15 years experience in the field as a clinician/consultant in family behavior consulting. You saved me a lot of grief and I appreciate that very much. 

Sam August 21, 2019

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I watched the webinar, asked for a price in the chat, and they refused to answer. I asked about reputation and sales of books, still no answer… Yet when someone had a feel good question, it was answered immediately. My questions continued to be ignored and no price was ever given after an hour and a half of watching. Rude.

Anonymous August 21, 2019

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I just wanted to point you in the direction of ads this woman is running on Publisher’s Lunch, the job board of Publisher’s Marketplace. They are unhinged and disturbing—so bizarre, in fact, that they moved me to research this sketchy operation and the person who runs it.

Fortunately, this particular job board is frequented largely by publishing professionals who would not take such over-the-top and baffling job descriptions seriously, as they don’t seem to adhere to anything an actual book editor or managing editor would do in those capacities, so I’m not concerned that she might con a few decent book professionals into her operation. But they are worth a look if you are not already aware of them, as they add to your overall argument about Author Incubator being a scam. Thanks for your time.




Anonymous August 21, 2019

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Angela and her husband, Paul split up over the Summer.

She is telling her authors it is because he gave their money to a Nigerian prince.

Also, Chris Winfield needs to be investigated, he’s as bad as angela 

Editor’s Note: Don’t worry Ms. Blank, Mr. Winfield is on our radar!

Ms. Blank August 21, 2019

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Thank you. I’m a smart woman but just spent 2 hours writing my application. each time I hit submit, i got an error page. I’m apparently not the only one. It raised suspicions. All of her talk of your “god job.” When you are advertising to “healers,” I hate that word and I should have run when I heard it, and then capture people with words like INFP and chacra etc. I should have known it was just to gain confidence of those who speak that way. Like me. I almost got conned. Thanks for being here when I remembered I never give anything to anyone without googling them or snopeing them.

So, I gave her nothing but she stole 4 hours of my life tonight. I already feel scammed. Thank my “god” the website was vexed which saved me. BTW, I also realized I was writing in a way to hope she chose me. I was aware of that when she spoke on the video. Why would you spend so much to advertise on YouTube if you only have 5 spots to fill?

and yeah, how do homeless people write a book? on their laptop in the shelter? and pay for it? don’t think so.

Anyone who is a publisher who starts out a website saying that anyone can write or how you write doesn’t matter, had a problem. It took me a bit to realize there was nothing on her site since she drives you directly to the apply page after getting everyone riled up on the video. I’m ashamed of myself for almost falling for this scam. thanks for helping me get back to my senses.  BTW, of course seeing the #blacklivesmatter on the bottom of the website, that was not even a link, was to get my type to trust her more. It’s part of the con I can now see.

The biggest tip was it’s not legal to link to her site? what? most people want you to link to their site. But, I guess if most sites about her are bad reviews about her scam, of course she doesn’t want you to link to her. OR if you “author” is so bad you don’t want anyone to know they belong to you, you won’t want them linking to you. It’s an odd request – um, legal statement on her site. She will sue you if you link to her site? That’s what got me suspect first. It’s just bizarre and not how the web works.  I should edit this but I’ve already wasted enough time on this con. Not spending any more.

Anonymous August 21, 2019

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I’m reading your blog as I listen to her live webinar. She’s so full of shit, it’s kind of entertaining. I’m getting a PhD in the US and her discourse is not of a person who has spent any time in graduate school. She claims to have read Hegel and Kierkegaard, and that supposedly played a part in her get-rich-fast scam. It’s laughable. 

Thank you for the work you do busting scammers like this. 

Sophia August 21, 2019

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THANK YOU for putting up this site! When I checked out her website and linkedin, something didn’t add up to me and found this site. Specially her PhD was from “European Graduate School.” I mean, she listed all other schools by name but not the school she got her PhD from? That was just so strange. Again, thank you for this site. I didn’t even waste my time contacting her.

Miki August 21, 2019

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I was considering this but had a “what am I really getting for this” moment. The interview is set up for three days from the pre interview video where you get the price. They say at the end of the one hour interview you must commit or not. YES or NO. And if yes, pay 15K. It seems pushy for a big investment.

Kenna August 21, 2019

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I could see up front this was a scam preying on vulnerable people, and using “self-help” (how DARE you Angela) as the angle.   However, I wanted to have a little fun with it so I put up with the multitude of ridiculous emails until my phone call with the “talent scout” came. Today, it came. No matter how much I wanted to keep the act up, I couldn’t get past the phone interview…I tried, but I just couldn’t keep it up. After a few initial questions, the lady on the phone  (Georgiana) wanted to know how much money I made a year, and when I didn’t tell her an exact amount, she tried to find a way around it.  Finally,  I said, “I am comfortable, isn’t that enough?” I also told her she needed to provide me with information of WHY they wanted to know (couldn’t give me a straight answer), and when I let her know that they should be more interested in my strengths as a marketer and a writer – she said, and I quote “we are not interested in whether you can write well or not.” WTF! I mean, it’s about WRITING a book, is it not?? No, actually it is it not. It is about how well you can market (rip off) people as you yourself are getting ripped off. It’s like a bunch of small pyramid schemes being run by a sociopathic and clinically narcissistic Pharoah. So then, just for fun, I asked her how much Angela makes. She replied, “I have no idea…that’s personal.” I said, ” If we are going to work together and you told me I will need to be vulnerable about this, then I think it’s fair that Angela needs to as well. ”  Whereupon she stated, “Susan, you are not coachable.” I just cackled. She was right on that! PT Barnum,  you can’t catch me drinking your 3- Ring circus Koolaid.  I am a published author ( you NEVER pay to play) and a licensed mental health clinician (ethics and integrity) and this business is all about how to part with your money. Don’t be the next sucker.

Susan August 21, 2019

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I have been in contact with the Author Incubator (The Author’s Way) requesting a full refund of a total of 5K, which was funded for services that were never rendered, due to my father’s unexpected illness and unexpected passing only a week after my enrollment in their program. When I shared with the Author Incubator team that I would not be able to begin (or continue) the program, I asked for a refund of my money- as NOT A SINGLE SERVICE was rendered. The team replied that all sales were final despite the evidence of correspondence of my father’s passing, and my need to financially carry the burden of my family during that time. 

I am also disputing the 2K charge with the merchant through my other bank, who will also be issuing a credit during their investigation. The refusal of the merchant to refund the money is not only unfair, it is completed dishonest and in malpractice and contradiction with the organization’s promise to serve others. I have made every effort to reach out to the CEO and Founder, Angela Lauria- and have yet to receive a response from her directly. Please see complain letter mailed to her (attached) and Facebook messenger chat message here: 
‘Hello Angela, I am writing to humbly request your help. My father fell suddenly ill and passed vet shortly after I enrolled in your program almost a year ago (13 May). I paid the $5K enrollment fee – intended to be one of three payments, however was never able to utilize your platform, any services or classes. I have written your team multiple times requesting a hardship refund, however now I am now coming to you directly to seek your help. My family has incurred insurmountable expenses following my father’s death and I have been helping with what I can. In the process, one of our medical bills went to collections and has now hit my credit, and I am unable to apply for a personal load due to my score. Please, from the kindness of your heart, consider refunding my money. -Jessica Jay Dee”

Followed up a week later: 

“Hello Angela. Please let me know that you’ve received this message.”
(Facebook messenger confirmed that the messages were “seen,” however she failed to respond to either of the above, or the complaint letter.)

In addition to to the lack of response from the CEO, Angela Lauria, to my multiple disputes and requests for refund (via official complaint letter mailed and Facebook messenger requests), I asked her employees Cheyenne and Paul to share a copy of the agreement I signed, stating the refund and terms of the engagement.  Not only have I never seen the agreement Cheyenne sent the link to, at no time did any employee cover the agreement with me.  In fact, they took payment over the phone and told me that I needed to pay DURING THE PHONE CALL and collected my credit card number/s prior to even authorizing access to the Author Incubator Platform and Table of Contents.  Which means that payment was taken and processed prior to my ACCESS to any agreement linked here: https://www.theauthorincubator.com/taw-terms-conditions-sale/

— the team is currently operating in the same manner and I can ensure that there are many dissatisfied customers/consumers that feel the same way. There is a website created specifically indicating the scam: 


NO SERVICES were rendered in exchange for my $5000.00

NO AGREEMENT was reviewed or signed prior to payment. 

NO ACCESS to Angela Lauria whatsoever leading up to or during the refund request.  

NO REFUND or compassion from the team following my father’s death or my financial burden.  

Jessica August 21, 2019

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i filled out the online application and they scheduled me for a call, that I was being considered. Because I am generally naive and gullible, I decided to google authors incubator to see who signed up and get reviews of her services  On my google search, when I started typing the name the autofill came up with authors incubator scam.  I clicked on the link and got to your site.  I read the cover page and some of the details.  And I am so glad I did.  I am now planning to cancel the call, write my book and find a REAL publisher, if I can.

I filled this out to say simply:


You have done me, and hopefully many others a great service!!

Addie August 21, 2019

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This is based on Angela Lauria’s webinar, “”Write A Book
That Creates A Six-Figure Coaching Practice.””

 I’m in a vulnerable place right now.  Luckily I recognized this and heeded the red
flags of her predatory style.

 This most definitely is a Ponzi scheme.  She wants you to get coaching clients through
getting them to order a book that you haven’t even written yet, then write it
in 9 weeks through her program, and keep doing her programs so that she can
make money off of you and your clients.

 She said 50% of her clients are INFPs (Meyers-Briggs
personality type) which shocked me because I am and we make up about an
estimated 4% of the population.
  We’re a
sensitive bunch which is why we can fall prey to narcissists if we don’t
recognize them.

 I’ve recently been doing a lot of research on Narcissists
and she stands out as one to me as your website discusses.
  It would be pointless to confront her about
this as she will never admit it, even with all of the facts.
  Admitting it, in fact, would be the opposite
of what they would do.

 She says if you’ve written your book, you’re not the client
for her.
  The only criteria are to want
to change the world (and she’ll make you a lot of money).
This reminds me of the answers to Miss America pageant
questions…””I want world peace”” ha ha who doesn’t.

 Someone asked the question by typing in her web intro, how
many people make back the money spent in the first month (ROI).
  She laughed and said, “”I love this
question”” in a mocking way and said, in a way that seemed like she was
throwing out an arbitrary number, 80%.

 Earlier she said that 97% (I think, it was definitely over
90%) publish their book in 9 weeks.
is because she sells the book before it is even written.

 She actually wants you to just write the front cover, back
cover of the book and then do something like she said one of her clients did
which was to flyer about it at a coffee shop.
Tell people that you’re coming out with a book and ask if they’ll be the
pilot readers and give them something in it for them like, in the case of a
running book, you could run up a building together and see Philadelphia with
the author (even though the author hadn’t written anything yet).
  They agree to buy your book before you’ve
written it and boom you’ve sold your book, she makes money.

 She said she wants to work with you long-term.  It sounds like a set up where you pay money,
make some money, then she will up the ante offering another “”program””
then pay her a lot more money.

 What really was upsetting was her talking about how people
sold their cars to pay for her program, borrowed money, etc. because she is so
  Sounds like she has managed
to get some authors, like I had even heard about the book, “”Running With
Curves,”” but of course she makes it sound like this is the norm, rather
than the exception.

 This is like a shady televangelist.  Check out comedian John Oliver on

 The reason I was tempted to fall for it is because there is
something that I am passionate about that I really want to get the word out and
have no idea how to do so, so of course the idea of going through a course that
would help me get my thoughts together to be able to write my book in 9 weeks
with someone who has the expertise was very tempting.

 She does what many of these do which is to say that people
who sign up right away are the type of clients that she wants because they’re
all in.
  Of course she does, because
people who think about all of her claims and the fact that it’s too good to be
true are not people who would believe her.

 Just saw an article on Inc. stating 2017 REVENUE: $4.9

This is frightening. 
Of course you can make a lot of money scamming people and be publicly
lauded, what’s not to love.  This is
scary stuff.


To hear she calls herself doctor based on another scam,
university 6 week doctorate program – ugh – no words.

She says she wants all her clients to end up on Ellen.  

Anonymous August 21, 2019

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Have you seen this horrific article in Washingtonian about her? https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/11/03/can-angela-lauria-make-a-self-help-author-and-life-coach-out-of-anyone-who-can-afford-her-15000-fee/ I went to college with her (GW). Later she turned back up in my orbit when a great friend of mine who had released an e-book through her told me about what a scam it all was. That friend has since passed away, and I remain completely disgusted about the scam. The reason I searched her name today was that I saw a seriously vomitous youtube commercial today by Lauria. I am SO glad you have started this site. I feel awful for my late friend who was duped (and she was a very smart and talented person so if she could be taken in it’s very serious). Anyway, thank you for trying to get the word out about her. Best, Anonymous

Hurt January 26, 2018

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Hello! Glad you are here. Thrilled that you steered me away from The Incubator Author. An author preying on authors. In that vein of preying on people I have been involved in 2 organizations that I have seen behind the scenes and I am happy shouting from the rooftops about their scam practices if I can prevent people from getting involved with these two “helpful, healing” organizations. 1) Team Beachbody – preys on the vulnerable, gets you hooked, then fleeces you. An MLM that is SO borderline with their business practices and the information they spread about their products, and supplements. BUT are closely monitored by Scam Busters. Those who gave so much to them and got out number in the thousands, maybe tens of thousands. When I left TBB my absentee coach, for the lion’s share of my coaching, wrote me to ask why I had canceled my business since it was costing HER money from ME as her downline. Mind you she has manipulated her way into tens of thousands of people’s wallets. Making 6 figures mostly on signing up coaches below her, and coaches below them, etc. 2) Centers for Spiritual Living – you find them at your lowest point. When you need spiritual support. They seduce you with their metaphysical psychobabble and the next thing you know you are into them for thousands, then abandoned when you no longer serve their purpose. And any minister that says from the pulpit “this isn’t the Taco Bell dollar menu, start putting 10’s and 20’s in the basket”, needs to be excommunicated. Oh, the facts I have to substantiate all of this. I just heard from a friend who has a disabled daughter, and who also gave thousands to this “spiritual center”, was unceremoniously booted from the youth program because they didn’t want to deal with her daughter anymore. I can attest for the daughter, I was her teacher. She was amazing, bright, easy to teach and made so much effort to participate. This kind of thing boils my blood. But instead of getting made, I prefer getting the word out. Just like you! Thank you, thank you! RB

Anonymous January 26, 2018