Our Heartfelt Thanks

This site was started a year or more after I learned how that scoundrel Angela Lauria worked. I had to sit and think about what to put. First and foremost, I wanted everything written to be 100% true, backed with actual proof. I had hoped I would change 1 persons mind. Save them from the painful realization after the checks been cashed and your calls aren’t returned. That heavy “I just made a huge horrible mistake” feeling.

Instead, I’ve gotten emails. A lot. From 1 per month, to over 20 this week alone! I’m trying to respond to every one, but it’s beginning to get a tad nuts.

So ultimately, I thank every single one of you who takes the time to go over this humble site. I’ve made a few friends, and actually working out how to present to everyone – for free – a complete guide for writing your book, self publishing, promotions.

I had never thought that a simple and quick site, thrown together to warn others, would end up with ME learning so much. And I’m giving it all right back to you!

If you have a story about Angela’s practices, email [email protected] and let us know. Feel free to create an  anonymous email account if you want – regardless I intend to post those stories, anonymizing them, and purging the original emails. If you have a nom de plume you’re fond of using, let me know and I’ll include that instead.