Questions to Ask

You might be doubting the mission of this website, its altruistic message of why you should steer clear of her. That’s understandable. That’s GOOD. Skepticism, especially about things online, is a wonderful thing to have. Especially when its your money and reputation that’s at stake.

So here are some questions you can ask any publisher. ESPECIALLY the shady ones. And they are tailored towards Angela Lauria.  But remember, she stalks our site relentlessly, so she’ll have something already prepared to answer it – examine her responses closely. Look for things that don’t make sense. Misdirection. Answering a question with a question. Ask these questions during her live Facebook videos; not only will you get an answer for yourself, perhaps you’ll save someone else from the mistake of Angies Lies.

Raw Data Provided

We have compiled the raw data for both “Difference Press” as well as the book “The Difference” by Angela E Lauria.
You can get it either by downloading the Excel spreadsheet “RAW Metrics for The Author Incubator“, or by this version on Google Documents.
Please note there are 2 sheets in the spreadsheet.
Data is from November 29th, 2017 (First sheet) and December 12, 2017 (Second sheet).

The questions:

  1. Bottom line, how much does it cost me to publish with you?
  2. Bottom line, how much do you spend for an author’s book before release?
    1. Can you provide a breakdown?
  3. By a percentage, how much of your fee is used to market my book?
  4. Does your fee include marketing and advertising of my book before its release?
  5. Exactly how do you market my book? How do you advertise it? What outlets do you use?
  6. Do you work with an advertising firm to publicize my book?
  7. How many book reviewers do you send pre-reader versions of my book to?
  8. Do you provide an authoring toolkit with templates and tools to help me write my book?
  9. Do you provide tools to help me storyboard my book (If you don’t already have a written manuscript)
  10. Who owns the copyright for my book?
  11. Why does your book “The Difference” published in 2014 have so few sales?
  12. Why do you state your books are “Best Sellers”, when its clear you’re being very manipulative with the qualifications? (As in book released, screenshot shows best seller in a sub-genre that traditionally has a handful of books released per week. Meaning her definition of ‘best seller’ would be the 5 books purchased after release for a sub-genre, and those are the ONLY books purchased under that sub-genre)
  13. Why do you refer to yourself as a “Doctor”, when that title is traditionally only used for those in the medical or educational careers.
    1. Are you using that title to give us more confidence in you?
  14. You lead us to believe you own The Author Castle. How can you afford a home worth almost $10 million dollars?
  15. Can you provide 3rd party verification of your statements?
  16. Why do the statistics and other data you state don’t cite your sources?
    1. How can we be sure you’re providing accurate numbers?
  17. From everything you’ve said, all of the risk of this book is taken by me. You have no risk if the book fails, what motivates you to help me?
  18. How many people in your organization have worked in traditional publishing?
  19. Why is there no transparency with regards to where the money is used?

More will be added.

Did you ask her these questions? We’d love to know how that went, so please tell us the story!