Update October 2nd, 2017:

We’ve received a number of stories from you about Angela and her ways. And we’re terrible at formatting them and actually posting them. The good news though is that we’ve learned of multiple other scams out there and we intend to expand to include them.

Coming soon – a nice, handy video that explains it all and goes into detail. Something you can share with friends.

We’re also opening up a new website that isn’t as targeted. We’ll actually use Scamgela as the starting block and walk the web backwards exposing others.

We’re also going to open up forums where people can share their experiences and let us know of new ones.

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And, just to keep you all informed, the person who states they can make you 6 figures from your book has sold 1 of hers in the last 30 days. Suspicious, eh?

Update on May 28th, 2017. 

Hey, Angela sends out an email make a lot of brazen, easily researched claims and provides no evidence to back it up. Just another day in her world.

Click the image to see the full size with my annotations. Somehow Angela’s little 168 page book received:

  • #1 International Bestseller in 9 countries!! (Editor’s Note: “International bestseller in 9 countries” is completely nonsensical. “International Bestseller” or “Bestseller in X Country”)
  • #1 in 5 of Amazon categories!! (Editor’s Note: Couldn’t find them, I assume the categories are Delusional, Liars, Snake Oil, False Prophet and Unsatisfied Husband)
  • #230 ranking in the Amazon Kindle store (Editor’s Note: She wrote ‘on all of Amazon’. I replaced it with the correct ‘kindle store’. ‘All of Amazon’ isn’t a thing.)
  • Over 55 reviews!

Reality: You don’t. She hasn’t. She is lying to you. There’s no proof of any of her claims, Kindle Spy actually shows the truth. She steals upwards of $40,000 or more from you, locking you into very restrictive contracts that you don’t actually see until you’ve already given her a large chunk of change and are just about to publish. She knows when to strike.

She doesn’t know how to see the truth, in anything. She’s been in an “amazing marriage” less than a year and yet her ‘amazing husband’ doesn’t seem that happy. You usually don’t go on Tinder when in an “amazing marriage”. Please, ask Angela about that.

Verbatim email from 5/23, and the actual truth as shown by Amazon and KDSpy

In her ‘About‘ page, Angela Lauria boldly states:

People will tell you writing a book is a struggle, but with my system, it’s simple. There’s you and your book which is already written inside you. It already exists. We simply have to clear away the stuff between you and it.

And it really IS simple. All you need to do is have an idea and $10,000. Or $15,000. Or $7,000. Or whatever you subconsciously tell her you have available to spend. A pro confidence artist not only believes the crap they are spitting – they can get you to believe it too!

The problem is that her services is worth maybe $100 USD, if even that.

Angela Lauria, The Author Incubator, Difference Press and their ilk are simply scamming you. You have the power to prevent that.

There’s a few things you need to know, though.

  1. Not everyone ‘has a book in them’
  2. Publishers, by and large, provide you with the tools you need to succeed – for free.
  3. Publishers DO NOT CHARGE – you’re providing THEM content and they are taking a percentage of it as a fee for their services.
  4. Are they a member of the Association of American Publishers? If not, run. AAP individually vets publishers and none of these scam artists are on it if you haven’t noticed.
  5. Look at their portfolio of published works – do you want to be associated with them? Do they have an history of blockbuster sellers?
  6. Are they ‘life coaches’? Do they plaster that fact every where? RUN! Coaching is the New Manipulation!
  7. Before you spend over $5,000, please spend $1.99 and watch “Penn and Tellers BS! – Life Coaching” on YouTube.

If you’re ready, then lets proceed with the scam in detail.