Let’s do some simple math – fact checking time! Her poor father.

Angela sent out the following email, telling the world she’s “.. at 22 employees, 16,000 square feet and more than $5M in annual revenue”.

It’s right here – click to embiggen it:

Angela’s New Math

Now compare that to her self-reported Inc.Com revenue of the previous year of “2.3M”

Now we’ve already debunked her ‘16,000’ square feet, since she doesn’t own nor lease it – just rents it as needs arise. So right there, she’s pretending to be something she isn’t. Being a tad grandiose. Something a person suffering narcissistic personality disorder would do. Our doctorate is more valid than Angela’s, so believe the diagnosis.

Let’s instead focus on “more than $5M in annual revenue”

Between January 16th, 2017 and today (December 8th, 2017), “Difference Press” has released a total of 75 books.

This includes her exploiting her 10 year old son, mind you. That book, which was such a stellar success he’s got a total of 228 subscribers. Angela doesn’t even seem to care that the minimum age for uploading to YouTube is 13. So, exploiting your child for your own illicit gain is A-OK in our little Angela’s broken mind.

Moving on… Let’s break down these book sales and this awesome influx of revenue! 

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