How Angela really makes her money

How Angela really makes her money
August 21, 2019

You’re missing how she makes MOST of her money! 

“Front End” was $10k at the time (9 week program)
“Back End” program was $40k at the time (12 month program) but $30k if you agree to program before the end of the “marketing event” held at “the castle” over a weekend in week 7 of the program, when your book is nearly written. There is no way for an attorney to review the contract before the deadline to save $10k, because 1.) you are out of town at an event, and 2.) attorneys do not work on the weekends. There is high-pressure to sign for the back-end because who wants to pay an “extra” $10k for making a decision 1-2 days later and that is the only way to get your book into bookstores (and that is still even a maybe….). Also, the conversion rate to the back-end program per her directly is 80-90%.  So do that math for the approx 12 people who publish a book each month.

12 people = $120,000
9.6 people (80%) x $30k = $288,000

$408,000 contracted per month X 12 months = $4.9M -/+ number of people she can get in her monthly program

Plus, if you are invited into “The Quill” that is a high level mastermind that is at least $50k per year (must make at least $10k per month for three months I think). This is a cult of all asshole people too. 

I’m fine with people getting rich. What I’m not fine with is people who are complete assholes who have no  integrity, who claim they are a PhD (and no one will shut her down using that fake title),  gas-lighting their clients and I’m pretty sure, doing dark magic under a cloak of love and light.

You can use the facts of this information to add to your calculations, but don’t quote me. My attorney told me to not engage with anything since she threatened to sue (for telling the truth about my experience I guess….). I don’t have the $50k to defend myself or take her to court so she continues to get away with bait and switching people (which is the part when you show up to the marketing event and find out that stuff you thought was included in the $10k will now cost you $40k – or $30k if you pay before the weekend is over.)

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