Scammed for $5000

Scammed for $5000
August 21, 2019

I have been in contact with the Author Incubator (The Author’s Way) requesting a full refund of a total of 5K, which was funded for services that were never rendered, due to my father’s unexpected illness and unexpected passing only a week after my enrollment in their program. When I shared with the Author Incubator team that I would not be able to begin (or continue) the program, I asked for a refund of my money- as NOT A SINGLE SERVICE was rendered. The team replied that all sales were final despite the evidence of correspondence of my father’s passing, and my need to financially carry the burden of my family during that time. 

I am also disputing the 2K charge with the merchant through my other bank, who will also be issuing a credit during their investigation. The refusal of the merchant to refund the money is not only unfair, it is completed dishonest and in malpractice and contradiction with the organization’s promise to serve others. I have made every effort to reach out to the CEO and Founder, Angela Lauria- and have yet to receive a response from her directly. Please see complain letter mailed to her (attached) and Facebook messenger chat message here: 
‘Hello Angela, I am writing to humbly request your help. My father fell suddenly ill and passed vet shortly after I enrolled in your program almost a year ago (13 May). I paid the $5K enrollment fee – intended to be one of three payments, however was never able to utilize your platform, any services or classes. I have written your team multiple times requesting a hardship refund, however now I am now coming to you directly to seek your help. My family has incurred insurmountable expenses following my father’s death and I have been helping with what I can. In the process, one of our medical bills went to collections and has now hit my credit, and I am unable to apply for a personal load due to my score. Please, from the kindness of your heart, consider refunding my money. -Jessica Jay Dee”

Followed up a week later: 

“Hello Angela. Please let me know that you’ve received this message.”
(Facebook messenger confirmed that the messages were “seen,” however she failed to respond to either of the above, or the complaint letter.)

In addition to to the lack of response from the CEO, Angela Lauria, to my multiple disputes and requests for refund (via official complaint letter mailed and Facebook messenger requests), I asked her employees Cheyenne and Paul to share a copy of the agreement I signed, stating the refund and terms of the engagement.  Not only have I never seen the agreement Cheyenne sent the link to, at no time did any employee cover the agreement with me.  In fact, they took payment over the phone and told me that I needed to pay DURING THE PHONE CALL and collected my credit card number/s prior to even authorizing access to the Author Incubator Platform and Table of Contents.  Which means that payment was taken and processed prior to my ACCESS to any agreement linked here:

— the team is currently operating in the same manner and I can ensure that there are many dissatisfied customers/consumers that feel the same way. There is a website created specifically indicating the scam:

NO SERVICES were rendered in exchange for my $5000.00

NO AGREEMENT was reviewed or signed prior to payment. 

NO ACCESS to Angela Lauria whatsoever leading up to or during the refund request.  

NO REFUND or compassion from the team following my father’s death or my financial burden.  

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