She ran into errors, then found the truth

She ran into errors, then found the truth
August 21, 2019

Thank you. I’m a smart woman but just spent 2 hours writing my application. each time I hit submit, i got an error page. I’m apparently not the only one. It raised suspicions. All of her talk of your “god job.” When you are advertising to “healers,” I hate that word and I should have run when I heard it, and then capture people with words like INFP and chacra etc. I should have known it was just to gain confidence of those who speak that way. Like me. I almost got conned. Thanks for being here when I remembered I never give anything to anyone without googling them or snopeing them.

So, I gave her nothing but she stole 4 hours of my life tonight. I already feel scammed. Thank my “god” the website was vexed which saved me. BTW, I also realized I was writing in a way to hope she chose me. I was aware of that when she spoke on the video. Why would you spend so much to advertise on YouTube if you only have 5 spots to fill?

and yeah, how do homeless people write a book? on their laptop in the shelter? and pay for it? don’t think so.

Anyone who is a publisher who starts out a website saying that anyone can write or how you write doesn’t matter, had a problem. It took me a bit to realize there was nothing on her site since she drives you directly to the apply page after getting everyone riled up on the video. I’m ashamed of myself for almost falling for this scam. thanks for helping me get back to my senses.  BTW, of course seeing the #blacklivesmatter on the bottom of the website, that was not even a link, was to get my type to trust her more. It’s part of the con I can now see.

The biggest tip was it’s not legal to link to her site? what? most people want you to link to their site. But, I guess if most sites about her are bad reviews about her scam, of course she doesn’t want you to link to her. OR if you “author” is so bad you don’t want anyone to know they belong to you, you won’t want them linking to you. It’s an odd request – um, legal statement on her site. She will sue you if you link to her site? That’s what got me suspect first. It’s just bizarre and not how the web works.  I should edit this but I’ve already wasted enough time on this con. Not spending any more.

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