Susan has some fun

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I could see up front this was a scam preying on vulnerable people, and using “self-help” (how DARE you Angela) as the angle.   However, I wanted to have a little fun with it so I put up with the multitude of ridiculous emails until my phone call with the “talent scout” came. Today, it came. No matter how much I wanted to keep the act up, I couldn’t get past the phone interview…I tried, but I just couldn’t keep it up. After a few initial questions, the lady on the phone  (Georgiana) wanted to know how much money I made a year, and when I didn’t tell her an exact amount, she tried to find a way around it.  Finally,  I said, “I am comfortable, isn’t that enough?” I also told her she needed to provide me with information of WHY they wanted to know (couldn’t give me a straight answer), and when I let her know that they should be more interested in my strengths as a marketer and a writer – she said, and I quote “we are not interested in whether you can write well or not.” WTF! I mean, it’s about WRITING a book, is it not?? No, actually it is it not. It is about how well you can market (rip off) people as you yourself are getting ripped off. It’s like a bunch of small pyramid schemes being run by a sociopathic and clinically narcissistic Pharoah. So then, just for fun, I asked her how much Angela makes. She replied, “I have no idea…that’s personal.” I said, ” If we are going to work together and you told me I will need to be vulnerable about this, then I think it’s fair that Angela needs to as well. ”  Whereupon she stated, “Susan, you are not coachable.” I just cackled. She was right on that! PT Barnum,  you can’t catch me drinking your 3- Ring circus Koolaid.  I am a published author ( you NEVER pay to play) and a licensed mental health clinician (ethics and integrity) and this business is all about how to part with your money. Don’t be the next sucker.

Susan August 21, 2019