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Hello! Glad you are here. Thrilled that you steered me away from The Incubator Author. An author preying on authors. In that vein of preying on people I have been involved in 2 organizations that I have seen behind the scenes and I am happy shouting from the rooftops about their scam practices if I can prevent people from getting involved with these two “helpful, healing” organizations. 1) Team Beachbody – preys on the vulnerable, gets you hooked, then fleeces you. An MLM that is SO borderline with their business practices and the information they spread about their products, and supplements. BUT are closely monitored by Scam Busters. Those who gave so much to them and got out number in the thousands, maybe tens of thousands. When I left TBB my absentee coach, for the lion’s share of my coaching, wrote me to ask why I had canceled my business since it was costing HER money from ME as her downline. Mind you she has manipulated her way into tens of thousands of people’s wallets. Making 6 figures mostly on signing up coaches below her, and coaches below them, etc. 2) Centers for Spiritual Living – you find them at your lowest point. When you need spiritual support. They seduce you with their metaphysical psychobabble and the next thing you know you are into them for thousands, then abandoned when you no longer serve their purpose. And any minister that says from the pulpit “this isn’t the Taco Bell dollar menu, start putting 10’s and 20’s in the basket”, needs to be excommunicated. Oh, the facts I have to substantiate all of this. I just heard from a friend who has a disabled daughter, and who also gave thousands to this “spiritual center”, was unceremoniously booted from the youth program because they didn’t want to deal with her daughter anymore. I can attest for the daughter, I was her teacher. She was amazing, bright, easy to teach and made so much effort to participate. This kind of thing boils my blood. But instead of getting made, I prefer getting the word out. Just like you! Thank you, thank you! RB

Anonymous January 26, 2018