Too many red flags!

Too many red flags!
August 21, 2019

This is based on Angela Lauria’s webinar, “”Write A Book
That Creates A Six-Figure Coaching Practice.””

 I’m in a vulnerable place right now.  Luckily I recognized this and heeded the red
flags of her predatory style.

 This most definitely is a Ponzi scheme.  She wants you to get coaching clients through
getting them to order a book that you haven’t even written yet, then write it
in 9 weeks through her program, and keep doing her programs so that she can
make money off of you and your clients.

 She said 50% of her clients are INFPs (Meyers-Briggs
personality type) which shocked me because I am and we make up about an
estimated 4% of the population.
  We’re a
sensitive bunch which is why we can fall prey to narcissists if we don’t
recognize them.

 I’ve recently been doing a lot of research on Narcissists
and she stands out as one to me as your website discusses.
  It would be pointless to confront her about
this as she will never admit it, even with all of the facts.
  Admitting it, in fact, would be the opposite
of what they would do.

 She says if you’ve written your book, you’re not the client
for her.
  The only criteria are to want
to change the world (and she’ll make you a lot of money).
This reminds me of the answers to Miss America pageant
questions…””I want world peace”” ha ha who doesn’t.

 Someone asked the question by typing in her web intro, how
many people make back the money spent in the first month (ROI).
  She laughed and said, “”I love this
question”” in a mocking way and said, in a way that seemed like she was
throwing out an arbitrary number, 80%.

 Earlier she said that 97% (I think, it was definitely over
90%) publish their book in 9 weeks.
is because she sells the book before it is even written.

 She actually wants you to just write the front cover, back
cover of the book and then do something like she said one of her clients did
which was to flyer about it at a coffee shop.
Tell people that you’re coming out with a book and ask if they’ll be the
pilot readers and give them something in it for them like, in the case of a
running book, you could run up a building together and see Philadelphia with
the author (even though the author hadn’t written anything yet).
  They agree to buy your book before you’ve
written it and boom you’ve sold your book, she makes money.

 She said she wants to work with you long-term.  It sounds like a set up where you pay money,
make some money, then she will up the ante offering another “”program””
then pay her a lot more money.

 What really was upsetting was her talking about how people
sold their cars to pay for her program, borrowed money, etc. because she is so
  Sounds like she has managed
to get some authors, like I had even heard about the book, “”Running With
Curves,”” but of course she makes it sound like this is the norm, rather
than the exception.

 This is like a shady televangelist.  Check out comedian John Oliver on

 The reason I was tempted to fall for it is because there is
something that I am passionate about that I really want to get the word out and
have no idea how to do so, so of course the idea of going through a course that
would help me get my thoughts together to be able to write my book in 9 weeks
with someone who has the expertise was very tempting.

 She does what many of these do which is to say that people
who sign up right away are the type of clients that she wants because they’re
all in.
  Of course she does, because
people who think about all of her claims and the fact that it’s too good to be
true are not people who would believe her.

 Just saw an article on Inc. stating 2017 REVENUE: $4.9

This is frightening. 
Of course you can make a lot of money scamming people and be publicly
lauded, what’s not to love.  This is
scary stuff.


To hear she calls herself doctor based on another scam,
university 6 week doctorate program – ugh – no words.

She says she wants all her clients to end up on Ellen.  

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