The definitive guide to Angela Lauria’s scam

While attempting to make a short, concise video that exams all of the obvious flaws in Angela Lauria’s Author Incubator service, I hit a roadblock.

It appeared that no matter how little I attempted to show, the video would hit an hour – give or take 15 minutes – every single time.

First, every time I was going through it, I would run across something new. Or I’d stumble upon a new question I thought up.

In short, it’s difficult.

But since I have so much new stuff I came across, and ways to view things in a different way, I think it’s worth it to create a new “scam in detail” page, only with a lot more information, and more questions for you.

And this is it.

Let this be known: Angela Lauria and her Author Incubator is a scam. She charges you $15,000 (3 payments of $5,000. Or it’s only $14,000 if you pay it in one lump sum). To date, she has taken $3,690,000 from people. 1

She claims you’ll make from $5,000 to $54,000 on your first month. That 3 homeless people have paid for her program and became a success.[See her “Preparing for your interview” video. Starting at 15 minutes[/note]

All of her claims have no citations – she shows no proof for anything she’s stated. Where is the tax return for just one of those homeless people? A check made out to them from? How about linking to their own sites, showing their own success? Because it doesn’t exist.

The Author Incubator is nothing but Angela Lauria’s blog. An attempt to make her appear like she’s an upper class mover and shaker. The website is full of errors – spelling, formatting, phrasing. She tells you something about her, only to state something different less than 2 paragraphs.

Let’s compare The Author Incubator to a true publisher. I’ll use Penguin, but pick your own.

The Front Page

Here’s what you see when you go to, and then compare it to

You can click to enlarge if you’d like.

Notice how the book publisher Penguin has a website that displays upcoming books? There’s a rotating banner showing information about current books, and giving the viewer the chance to “Start Reading”. There’s a section all about the authors, the additional publishers they are part of, and even a nice search box.
Now notice Angela Lauria’s website. It’s a picture of her. And she quoted herself.

Right away, which seems to be the website that appears to focus more on its authors and the books they write?

Let’s compare the “Authors” section between the 2:

See how you can click on any of the authors that Penguin has to see more info? There’s a headshot, a biography, and a place to sign up via email to get news about them. Then you see the covers for their most recent books, related articles to the author, and a chance to share them on social media.

Notice how Angela has no author section? At all.

In fact, on my 27″ LCD monitor, with a resolution of 2560×1440, I have to hit the PAGE DOWN button FIVE TIMES on her site to see ANY books she’s “published”.

Which website seems to cater to the people that make it possible for them to actually exist? Which business seems to be focused on their authors, and on the books they published?

Furthermore, notice how I refer to as and as “Angela Lauria”? That’s because I don’t know who owns Penguin, or who’s on the board. Because it’s information that isn’t important, has nothing to do with book writing, book publishing, or authors.

However, The Author Incubator opens with a large picture of Angela Lauria. And then the reader is asked a rhetorical questions. Well, questions. Then there’s an obvious style change, and that rhetorical is answered – but in a completely different font, with completely different justification, in a new section based on the design. Then there’s some logos of websites that don’t say anything or are even linked to a website. And then there’s a video with Angela Lauria.

Then at the bottom of the page, almost looking like an after thought – right before the footer, is a small section of books.

How about the “About” pages?

On Penguin.Com, the “About” section lets you click on a few different sections. “Our Story” states the company mission, tells you what they do, gives you some heritage information and then there’s an ‘at a glance’ listing date founded, shareholders, headquarters, and other information. You can also click to other sections; Careers, Imprints (Other publishers, essentially), Management, with clickable bios about the executives, news and their social responsibility information.

Now look at “About” on The Author Incubator.

Notice how it should probably be titled “About Angela” and not “About” because it doesn’t say anything at all about the company.

Notice how someone who goes into detail about how long they’ve been in the publishing industry (Either 10 years or ‘over 20 years’. Says both on the page) and wants to publish you’re book has a glaringly obvious issue referencing the book “I’m ok, You’re ok”? Here, let me show you:

Yes, that “I” shouldn’t be where it’s at. I know Angela well enough, and have actually been in publishing long enough to know exactly what that error is. It’s a formatting error in Microsoft Word. She probably copied the text from a Word document and pasted it into WordPress.

Look at her ‘credentials’. She got her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Journalism at George Washington University. And also a PhD in Communications from the “European Graduate School”.

  • Now, I have 2 advanced degrees in science. Masters.
  • I didn’t tell you about any undergraduate degrees, because it’s assumed I took them as an undergraduate degree is kinddddd of a requirement.
  • The only reason I would tell you about my undergraduate degrees, would be to try to impress you.
  • Her PhD is from a University in Switzerland
    • That University isn’t recognized by any Swiss body as a reputable school of higher learning
    • They don’t even offer a degree in Communication – they offer “Art as Therapy” type of degrees
    • How does one write a dissertation – something that takes years and is published for peer review – in the 6 weeks that it takes to get a PhD from them?
    • Furthermore, why would a middle aged woman even tell you about her ‘dissertation’ that was 15 years prior?
  • So she lied about her PhD, and doesn’t hold the title doctor – but notice how she calls herself that EVERYWHERE.
  • Further, a Doctorate in Communication is taught at American University. A highly regarded University RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from her. Why get an undergraduate and graduate degree close to home, and then fly to Switzerland to get a Doctorate? Surely, it has nothing to do with the entire length of school for one session in 2018 being from “June 12 to July 5”.
  • The only use for a Doctorate in Communication is to teach communication in a college. It’s less than useless otherwise. Not to mention, any degree in communication is worthless. Because “Communicator” isn’t a job.

She tells you she’s been a ‘theater geek’ since kindergarten. Funny, I’ve actually been involved with school plays at a really young age. But I have never seen a preschool hold any kind of play. In fact it was 4th or 5th grade when we did “The King’s 7 Daughters”. That was my first ever play.

Then she tells you shes been “publishing as a ghostwriter, researcher, editor, copywriter, and publicist for almost 20 years before starting my business”. Do you notice something? None of those jobs ‘do publishing’. It’s about as nonsensical of a sentence as you can get. And, since all of those roles listed tend to be quite public, why can’t you search the web and see ANYTHING she’s stated as having done? Especially since she didn’t start her business until 2013. Or 2014. Or 2015. Depends on which page you read.

Right after that, about the middle of the page, you’ll find 4 large covers of the books she’s written. Yes, they are higher up in the page than YOUR books. So obviously, if she’s charging $15,000 to get your books published, than HER books MUST be absolutely off the charts, right?


Less than 4 sold in the past 90 days. If I change the timeline to display “All Time”, the data shows that over THE ENTIRE TIME she’s had the book published, she’s sold LESS THAN 55 COPIES.

That’s combined for all the titles, mind you. So even the people that give her money don’t buy her books.

Then there’s another picture of her, and she talks about “The Author Castle”. She states she “bought this castle for you”.

Oddly, why don’t the deed records list her name anywhere? I mean, it goes back to 1993.

So, it’s never been up for sale. Though you can find articles where you can rent it for $10,000. And the castle is valued at $15,000,000 – 15 million. The mortgage would be something similar to this:

Now, lets assume that her income over the last 4 years is the 3.6 million as I stated before. Lets even be generous, and assume she makes one million dollars per year.
Without taking out takes or anything, just her gross, that is about $83,334/month.

You’d have to look extremely long and hard to find someone to give you that loan. In fact, even by putting 5 million down you aren’t looking at a huge different in payments.

If you put down the recommended 20%, that would be 3 million. So she would have had to save every dollar to put down on that house.

Remember, we’re assuming she’s getting $15,000 from each author, and not spending ANY of that money on them or even paying taxes. Or paying the few employees she has. All of that, and it would only be technically possible, but no sane lender would lend money to someone like that. And she also has her other home in DC. And there she has at least 1 roommate.

By the way, be on the lookout for this:

That square? You’ll see it everywhere. It’s an artifact. An error in formatting. It’s not your browser. It’s what happens when you copy text from Microsoft Word (Mainly from the Apple version, rarely Windows) and paste it somewhere else. It’s a control character that is supposed to mean “Carriage Return, Line Feed”. Basically it’s the “Enter” key.

Apple uses a method of moving to a new line that is slightly different than others. So instead of a return, you see that square.

Thing is, Microsoft know about this – as well as plenty of other markup issues. So you can have Word show you the formatting characters so you know exactly how it looks:

It’s called “Show Markup”. It’s one of the things under the Review pane. A pane that any publisher should be intimately familiar with. But Angela – the person that wants $15,000 from you to publish your book – seems to not be aware of it. Despite the fact I not only told her about it 3 years, I wrote an entire Word Document Template file that not only fixes that, but gives her something to send to each author.

Now let’s look at her philosophy page. It’s right here.

Give it a slow, careful, read.

  • Notice how the first philosophy is “There’s no such thing as a good book”
  • What publisher would actually state that?
  • That’s not even a philosophical construct. Hell, it’s not even correct. Philosophy doesn’t usually deal with such a subjective subject.
  • The second one is actually a question? That’s not a philosophical construct EITHER!
  • Then number 3 is “Readers first.” Now that’s… closer. Maybe you can argue that it is. Or I may be really nice here.
  • Then, for number 4, it’s “Books don’t make a difference”
    • Again, that’s not remotely close to a philosophical construct. There’s no thinking here.
    • Angela, are you aware that philosophy is about asking questions to make you think?
    • You’re just giving your opinion.
  • Ah, number 5 is the horse you beat (And also not a philosophical construct) “If you’re giving 90% of your revenue away etc etc”

That is such a tired line she keeps repeating. Thing is, since she’s never been in the book publishing industry – hell, in any industry that is about books or writing – she is making numbers up.
A publisher doesn’t typically just take a certain percentage across the bar.

  • If you were in the publishing industry, you’d know that for non-technical books a publisher doesn’t just keep a single percentage of INCOME, not revenue Angela, INCOME.
  • Yes, they might get 90% at first.
  • They are taking all the risk. You’re an unknown writer.
  • They gave you an ADVANCE, you didn’t have to pay them $15,000
  • There’s a team of people, about a dozen, that are there to help you work on your book. Proofers, formatting, fact finders, cross referencing, page layout; even people you can use to find relevant quotes for the start of a chapter if you’d like. That pays them, too.
  • Then there’s the marketing of the book. The actual binding. The physical shipping of hardcovers to book stores. There’s a publicist to help you with book tours if you become a star.
  • Yeah – a publisher does nothing but spend money on you, with the hope it pays out. They have ALL THE RISK. They do EVERYTHING possible to ensure you’re as successful as possible.
  • Then the amount the receive may reduce over time. In fact, after a period of time, they only get a little bit above the cost of ongoing promotional and administrative costs.

See how, at the bottom, the person who wants your money to publish your book writes “Where authors know how to full exploit their rights (no author should be making less than $10,000 a month from their book) ”

Say it out loud. Notice the obvious error?

More of those formatting errors. A lot of them.

She also insults the New York Times Best Selling List. Twice. As “a curated opinion piece” and then again as “which has almost nothing to do with which books end up on the New York Times bestseller list”.

But, if she happens to have a foreword on a book by an author on the NYT list, she will list it on the cover.

Speaking of books, I forgot to mention that real publishers have people out there that can help you figure out your book title. Or they will ‘politely’ suggest you may want to change your working title.

So you don’t end up making your title extremely long and confusing. Need examples?

  • Am I in the Wrong Marriage?: Get the Clarity You Need to Make a Decision to Stay and Re-commit or Lovingly Leave Your Relationship and What to Do Next (Soulful Truth Telling Book 2)
  • Who The F*ck Am I To Be A Coach?!: A Warrior’s Guide to Building a Wildly Successful Coaching Business From the Inside Out
  • Make ‘Em Beg to Be Your Client: The Nonfiction Authors’ Guide to Selling, Serving and Funding a Movement
    • Oh wait, that one is the title of Angela’s book.

That’s just a couple of the titles for the books Angela ‘publishes’.

Proverbs 13:20 says “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”
Aesop said “A man is judged by the company he keeps”

Again, those things ring true in the publishing industry. One of the reasons that publishers are highly selective – besides them having all of the risk – is that they all have a particular niche area they publish to.

Angela, who’s “highly selective” procedure is basically “Who will actually give me $150000” isn’t selective. And her book titles reflect it.

I shit you not, there’s even a book she’s published for a “CEO’s Guide to Pain Management”.

That’s why publishers have people to help you out. The above book is about pain management. What kind of pain do CEOs have that need management that rest of the population doesn’t? There isn’t any. So why target it like that. CEOs are pretty busy people, they don’t have time for books and I’m sure if they did they would read something fun.

And one more thing about that ‘philosophy’ number 5.

Even if a credible publisher takes 90% for the entire length it’s released, would you rather have 10% of the revenue of one of these:
Amazon Kindle Top 20

Which would be $27,000 at the low end on the list, or would you rather have ALL of the money from this:

That’s one of her books, which means it SHOULD be one of the best sellers of hers if she knows how to market and publish books.

So yeah, you might just pay Angela Lauria $15,000 for The Author Incubator to reap 2 sales for a total of 7 dollars (Data tracked the past 278 days – the revenue is the estimated take after Amazon gets it 30%)

For simple math, lets double it and say you sell 4 books in a year. It would take 1,071 years to break even after giving her $15,000.

Yeah, that’s right, she doesn’t mention that Amazon Desktop Publishing takes 30% of net sales. For someone so adamant that that you get the whole amount, why use a platform that takes 30%?


Now, let’s sum it all up:

  1. isn’t about publishing your book, it’s someones fantasy blog
  2. Her whole ‘method’ is the exact same thing they teach ‘life coaches’. So her ‘method’ isn’t even remotely hers. She just stole it and forced it to fit oddly in publishing.
  3. She is a schoolbook case of Fanatic Narcissistic. Even if you’ve never met her, and have no psychology training, read that page and then look at her page.
  4. Angela Lauria lists conflicting and confusing credentials with zero citations.
  5. Every one of the authors she has a video with was paid a promotional fee.
  6. If you actually sign up, you sign your life to hear. There’s even a highly illegal “Hold Harmless” agreement so that her victims think they can’t sue. NOTE: “Hold Harmless” and Non-Disclosure agreements are a huge red sign you’re embarking on a journey that will end with you having less money and no “movement”.
  7. Especially disconcerting is stating how shes had 3 homeless people, a person with cancer, a stroke victim and others be in her program. Not only is that impolite – just putting people’s private information out there – she doesn’t say who or what. No proof. She’s the Trump of Publishing.
  8. You will not find anything online or from here that can prove any of her claims. She incorrectly uses an FTC “Truth in Advertising” rules to give a broad disclaimer that she’s using paid for promotions. That needs to be on the video.
  9. She fraudulently calls herself “Doctor”, and claims to have a PhD from a University that doesn’t offer that discipline in any program (Find which symptom on wikipedia that fits..)
  10. Her “Doctorate” program lasted less than 6 weeks
  11. She cites a dissertation, but it can’t be found, despite it being a published, peer reviewed document that takes years, not weeks.
  12. The website talks only about her. There’s nothing about how the program works, its cost, what you’ll receive – nothing.
  13. There’s no place to just see an index of the authors published, or the books published
  14. There’s no way to signup to follow an author you like, or share the author with social media
  15. Did she help 250, 300 or 450+ authors over her 10 or ‘over 20’ years in the industry
  16. For being such an industry veteran, why is the website design so odd?
  17. For being such a writing God, why is the website written as though her 12 year old son did it.
  18. Really, why is the writing so bad. I’m a public speaker, I’m used to speaking as I’m reading it. Every video I started, I was forced to pause because the writing was so poor, so oddly structured, that despite a dozen takes my brain still was forced to a halt comprehending it.
  19. Where is the real Author Incubator website? The one that doesn’t tell us all Angela was a fat kid, or picked on, or whatever stupid anecdote that isn’t about publishing my book.
  20. If you pay attention to what she’s written – provided you can understand it – you’ll notice it really isn’t about book publishing
  21. And her ‘preparing for your video‘ really rams it home. She doesn’t care about your book. It’s about ‘creating a movement’ or getting speaking engagements. I haven’t seen any speaking engagements or movements about the “CEO’s Guide To Pain Management”.
  22. Publishers do take a percentage of the books income. That’s because they have 100% of the risk. They will lose 10s of thousands of dollars if they sign on an author that doesn’t sell.
  23. Angela gets $15,000 from you to publish a book on Amazon, something you could do yourself for free. She has your money. She has zero risk, and you have 100% risk. You are responsible for the marketing, keeping a website about you, all of it.
  25. Again, a real publisher doesn’t get paid by their authors. In fact, in 100% of the cases, you get an advance. It’s tradition. It was a token of goodwill from the publisher, a way of showing they believe in you. Now it’s more a computed amount and is a percentage (Usually around 10%) of the total income of the book over its life.
  26. Again, PUBLISHERS PAY YOU AN ADVANCE, and they also ASSUME 100% OF THE RISK.
  27. With Angela already getting your money, where’s the motivation to ensure your book is actively marketed? That you’ll receive any kind of personal time?
  28. Answer: There is none.

What Angela has done isn’t anything new. She just stole an entire concept from “Life Coaching” circles. And tries to shove it into books. That’s why it comes off as being kind of odd. It starts with “Publishing your book”, but by the time you’re accepted, it’s all about your brand, your movement, etc. I don’t remember “The Hobbit” having a movement. A brand. Any of that. Do you?

In fact, you don’t want a “Life Coach” anywhere near you. They are poison. Yes, coaching is a good thing, there are many good uses for it. Execs, singing, writing, etc. But a Life Coach isn’t a thing. They aren’t only unhelpful, they can actually be harmful. And as much as Angela wants you to think she’s a big thing, she jumps when her life coach snaps her fingers.
Her life coach is an extremely overweight, extremely belligerent and opinionated woman. Mentioning the weight is actually relevant – if you intend to ‘coach’ someone else’s life, shouldn’t you be able to coach yourself to put the fork down? And furthermore, I’ve got decades of psychological and sociological study. I’ve been certified as a crisis counselor. I was a 9-1-1 operator in Chicago. And I have never heard such horrible advice as I have from that woman. When Angela is finally taken down – probably for running a ponzi scheme like the life coach training she ripped off – I bet that ‘coach’ had a hand in it.

For someone in the publishing industry, I haven’t seen her discuss ever going to one of the many publishing conferences held every year. I don’t even think she knows they exist. I was only tangentially connected to publishing, but I still get a mailer a few times a year with the ones coming up.

You will see a lot of her by video. And when she speaks, she’ll come off as being very genuine. And I believe that’s because in her mind, she actually thinks she’s helping people. She might actually believe she has a PhD in a field that the diploma mill she spent 6 weeks at doesn’t even offer. She might think she owns that castle, even though I have proven she doesn’t. That’s a delusion. And Grandiose Delusions is a symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The delusion she’s created is so fanatical that even she believes it. That means she can sell you her fantasy through pure emotion alone. And also why she’s all about the videos and facebook events. While she can talk and appear genuine, she can’t write to save her life.

Read her website carefully. Now do it a few more times. If that writing doesn’t read like a fairy tale that has nothing to do with helping you, I don’t know what will. But in case you need further proof, contact me. I will gift you any of her books. They are almost impossible to finish. They are so bad it’s almost laughable.



  1. 246 books on Amazon. It’s not entirely accurate, as it includes her own books and things like that, but it’s very close