The scam in detail

HEY! If you came to this page first, we’ve changed how we post – LOTS of dirty details now on the front page!

Now this will center mainly about “The Author Incubator”, “Difference Press” and Angela Lauria as that is what our team has the most experience with – but it applies to a vast majority of similar ‘businesses’ and as such you can use it as a general rule of thumb.

First things first

Understand, Angela doesn’t care about you, your book, or your life; she cares about how much money she can get from you. She is an expert at emotional manipulation and will get you all fired up and believing that publishing a book will change your life, make you an expert on the topic of your choice, and bring in “six figures”. Her site is full of testimonials saying the same.

Speaking of that site, your biggest warning sign it’s a scam is how she proudly claims that she has “published 250 bestselling books”.

See for yourself:

Apparently ‘bestselling’ in her mind is #25,241. I submit to you the following analysis of the top 100 books published by her:

The above are the 30 day rolling average captured on April 14th, 2017. The program is Kindle Spy, it costs money, but lets you really dig into the data.

Let’s examine this – the average rank of the TOP 100 BESTSELLING BOOKS by her is 410,756. The average monthly revenue is $29. TWENTY NINE DOLLARS. 

And if you go down farther in the list, it looks even worse! See for yourself here’s the raw data file – which includes more information, bs–difference press–4-14-2017.

Those are TERRIBLE results. And you’ll pay her THOUSANDS of dollars for the privilege. Exactly how much? It varies – but she aims for a good $7,000 – $10,000 per person. To publish an eBook, that literally takes under 30 minutes to do it yourself.  Don’t believe me? Then buy my book. It’s blank, and adds nothing of value and won’t change your life – just like Angela. Only we’re telling you the truth!

Additionally, its been brought to our attention that Angela says this site is by “a jealous ex-boyfriend”.

  1. Not jealous of someone’s ability to emotionally manipulate people into giving them thousands of dollars.
  2. Am not, have never been, and never would be her boyfriend.

She is delusional. I don’t think a business model that involves duping people out of money while providing no services is morally correct. Fact is, she kept trying to get me to date her. And I constantly said no (She’s way too old and weird). In fact, here’s a screenshot from a Facebook messenger conversation dated October 2nd, 2014.

Note several things:

  1. On the date she sent this, she was dating the man she was going to marry for about 7 months by then.
  2. She says I’m “not a good daddy”. And I tell her “Well yeah, I’m not your daddy, I’m your friend”.


So, you should be running away right now already, but in case you’re not, lets sum things up:

  1. She blatantly lies about where her published books rank.
  2. She is morally corrupt, as shown above.
  3. I have been contacted thus far by 2 people who are part of a class action lawsuit regarding her theft by deception.

Do you even NEED more information? You do? Ok, well just hold on and we’ll add to this.